forum One on One Romance, The Two Stuck in the Cave [Open!]
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So, we have two characters, they are random people, tourists who start exploring, together or not, perhaps a tour guide… We shall see. Well anyways, the two eventually are stuck due to a rockslide that blocks the cave entrance, from then, blooms well…. The romance and the two must try to find a way to escape and survive with what limited resources they have. Also, it will involve fighting and you may have magic… But nothing that makes the cave escape very easy.
You may pack your own bag and say what you have and I will inspect it.

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Name: Isaac Reijin Akabane
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Appearance: Isaac has platinum hair, and icy blue eyes. He tends to wear white v-neck shirts, and navy blue jeans. Everything he wears is fitted. His shoes are navy checkered, and made of canvas.
Magic: Mirror Warp. He can use pools of water or reflective things to warm from place to place.
Personality: Isaac is kept together, and really sensible. He doesn't lose his cool unless he is around a reminder of his ex-best friend. Isaac really notices details, but often times his clumsiness gets in the way of it being useful. He's very sweet, and fun, but strict in situations that may be dangerous.
Background: ( Mind if I leave this to be figured out? )
Others: Isaac hates healing materials, it's a part of his friend's past.