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(um so i'm really bad at trying to decipher my HORRIBLE writing from surprisingly not too long ago)
(i'm not done with this, so if you're interested, great! and if you're confused, don't worry. i'm confused too.)
(BUT i kinda wanna see how this goes. it's a reboot of my very first rp i ever made on nb, but uh, yea it was really bad. i edited this some, but it's still not very good… eek)

Congrats! You've been accepted into Mystica College, yes THE prestigious one. The school that is a mix of humans and "creatures" (ie. Angels, demons, vampires, etc.), although it accommodates both humans and creatures! It's the first of its kind so it's a bit crazy and flawed but magical to the max.

♦ Have decent grammar, spelling, ect. Mistakes are allowed, but not on purpose.
♦ No pretending to be someone else
♦ Your form must be accepted to RP
♦ No OP characters, please!
♦ Maximum number of characters is 4 for now, may change in the future.
♦ Your character must be between the ages of 19 and 25
♦ Swearing is allowed (limited, please) but absolutely no racial slurs
♦ Occasional "tests" will be administered by me
♦ I reserve the right to say no
♦ You may have the same name as another character, but the last names have to be different.
Fill out this form to join or add a new character:
NIckname(s): (if any)
Major: (optional)
Powers: (max 3)
Backstory: (optional)

»————————————————————————————My Character Form—————————————————————««
Name: Isobel Katherine Stevens

Nickname(s): Izzy, Iz

Species: angel (so wings but ditch the halo please)

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Personality: trust issues, fiercely protective of her younger sister

Appearance: dyed blue hair, almond-shaped amber eyes, and is 5 foot 8 inches tall. pale peach-ish skin colour
and light blonde eyebrows and brown/black eyelashes

Family: younger sister of Misty Lockwood Stevens, age 10

Major: biology

Powers: shapeshifting abilities; limited to living things (so not stones, ect.) and only able to camouflage self within five miles of target, however is able to maintain the camouflage after the target is out of distance

Backstory: Was physically and mentally abused as a young child and so she has trust issues. When she was 9 years old, her mother died during childbirth, but left a baby girl, Misty. Ever since then, Izzy has cared for Misty and is fiercely protective of her. She would give her own life in order to make sure that Misty would stay safe. Misty is bubbly and outgoing on the outside, but she is very good at hiding her feelings, half the time she is really sad and depressed but she fakes being happy. Also Izzy has low self-esteem and has very few friends, if she has any friends outside of Misty. In addition, Izzy went to med school in and out for a couple of years so she could take better care of Misty.

Other: none-

@saor_illust school

Oh god- I'm so sorry you're interested in this and I haven't even finished editing this to make it semi-clear!

I don't think i've rped with either of you before, so may I have a writing sample?

And I still have to edit the rules, so yes, you may swear, but obviously limited, and absolutely no racial slurs, even if they're said or thought by your character-


Here: He sighed and adjusted his position on the bed. The lights above danced and leaped, and now he reached for his glass globe and snuggled it. The soft glow from within illuminated the Pacific Ocean, and he clutched it tighter than ever.

Sure, there were plants on Tavia, but they were purple and droopy, and most of them were slimy and smelled like rotten eggs. The air, while breathable, was thick and burned his nose whenever he took a breath.

He stared deep into the globe, lamenting his mistake. He would never come back to the fresh air and beauty Earth had, would never surf waves again, never eat fresh raspberries and feel the flavor trickle down his throat…

A single tear fell down his face. The tear was followed by others, and he cried silently until they stopped. Listening to the steady rain, he calmed down and closed his eyes, focusing on the pitter-patter and the subdued splashes. Suddenly he was lounging on the couch in his home, relaxing after a long day as water poured outside. He smiled.

They can't take that from me.


Name: Kato
Nickname(s): (if any)
Species: yako kitsune
Gender: male
Personality: mischievous, likes to cause chaos, and, though he has morals, they're very skewed and he doesn't consider many things as bad. He likes to pull the strings in the shadows but occasionally feels the need to reveal himself.
Appearance: his white hair comes down to his neck, with dark brown eyes. He's slightly shorter than average, and usually wears red, black, or white.
Family: None
Age: 19 (In human years)
Major: Psychology
Powers: shapeshifting into anything with humanistic features, manipulating foxfire, which is basically light, electricity, or fire, and causing one target at a time to see, hear, smell, touch, or taste things that aren't there.
Backstory: (optional) none
Other: none

@saor_illust school

Hi! I think I'm liking your character- could you elaborate a bit more on the following things?
Personality, Appearance, Foxfire (I don't know what that is), and limits on the powers?

@saor_illust school

Mhm! Just fill out the template when you're ready! I think I'll start closing this once we get around 3-5 people, I don't really want too big of a group yet-

@Kie group

Name: Aslan Cavanaugh

Nicknames: Close friends will occasionally call him Cav as a way of teasing him.

Species: Faerie

Gender: Male (He/they)

Personality: A vain guy with no sense of mercy who often speaks in a condescending or cocky tone. Aslan isn't easily moved by emotions but does like coaxing them out of others by faking his own. Tends to cut short conversations with people he considers unworthy.

Appearance: Aslan is about 5'7" with long limbs, pale skin, and angular blue eyes. His hair is thick, platinum blonde, and falls to his shoulders. Most of his clothes are light in color and generally formal in appearance. His wings are shaped like those of a dragonfly and have an indigo hue when hit by light.

Family: Aslan has a step-sister (age 12) who he despises. Aslan has other family members but has always been closest to his mother.

Age: 22

Major: Acting

Powers: Can change sizes as well as control the elements of water and light.

Backstory: None, might discuss parts of his past during RP.

Other: Possesses a heightened sense of sight thanks to his heritage and has been known to quickly find and call people out from more than 30 feet away thanks to it.


(Sorry this took so long!! I had a bunch of stuff going on)

Name: Andrea Layne

Nickname(s): Andi

Species: Mutant (?)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: She’s typically very calm and collected, and it’s virtually impossible to offend her. Insults bounce off her confident demeanor like crumbled up straw wrappers. She’s very observant and almost uncannily perceptive, and she uses these traits to watch out for other people. While insults may not faze her when they're aimed at her, she’ll intimidate the hell out of anyone who so much as breathes wrong at her friends. She’s also not afraid of throwing hands with anyone who refuses to back down. Not-so-secretly a mother hen.

Appearance: She’s about 5’5”, with blue-gray eyes and chocolate brown hair perpetually styled into a side-swept pixie cut. She has fair skin and a long face with an angular jaw and thin, pink lips. She sticks with her colored skinny jeans and graphic t-shirts, with her stylish, yet plain matching boots.


Major: Graphic Design

Powers: Borderline manifestation; the ability to create semi-visible borderlines between herself and other beings, but they can also be used to cut through objects. These can be powered through rather easily, either by breaking her concentration or through brute force. Holding borderlines in place drains her energy, so the longer it’s up, the weaker she becomes until she inevitably collapses.

Backstory: She was raised fairly normally in a relatively non-broken home by her father and mother. She never had any siblings, and when she began showing signs of being…unnatural, her parents were accepting of her still. Andi keeps in contact with them.

Other: None


(pulled from:

Seiichi was only just able to thrust his staff up in time, sparks flying off the dense metal where his opponent's weapon struck.

His body complained at the sudden movement, unhappy to obey due to the unresponsive state it'd been in just a moment before. Man am I lucky, he thought, gritting his teeth. If I'd waited even a second longer, I'd have skewered.

With a grunt, the hero shoved with all his might, tilting his staff at such an angle that his opponent's sword began to skew to the side. Taking full advantage, Seiichi kicked his legs off the ground and used the momentum to roll into a loose crouch. He let the staff rotate with his arm and pushed his target back several paces, more confident now that he was no longer lying flat on his back and at a clear disadvantage.

"That's a troublesome quirk you've got there," the villain sneered, sheathing his sword in…his arm? Must be his quirk, Seiichi noted. He hadn't seen it before, too preoccupied with possessing his friend to notice him hiding in the shadows. Thank God his victim had great peripheral vision.

"I could say the same to you," he responded evenly, eyeing the movements of the two villains. His previous victim still seemed dazed after having his body suddenly returned to him, and the sword guy wouldn't look him in the eye.

It'll be a little risky, but it's the best option…

Without warning the sword guy pulled a spear from the palm of his other hand, wielding it like a lance and moving to jab it into Seiichi's throat. The hero sidestepped at the last moment, reflexively repositioning his staff so that it formed a barrier between the weapon and himself.

Acting fast, Seiichi grabbed ahold of the man's chin and forced it down. The villain tried closing his eyes, but it was too late.

There was a dull thump as the hero's body hit the ground, and then his staff clattered uselessly beside him. The villain's spear arm slowly lowered.

"Ryuu..?" the second villain called out uncertainly, finally finding his way to his feet.

The villain turned around and cocked his head to the side, smiling widely. "Try again."

@saor_illust school

Yes, she can be a mutant, if that's what you were asking!

And yeah, I'll take a sample, just so I can get an idea of how you write- and yes you may use something you wrote previously.


(Ahh holy crap, I'm so sorry! I totally forgot about this! Thanks for refreshing this in my feed! I edited my character post with a sample I used in a bnha/mha rp)

Deleted user

Name:Jackson Krei
NIckname(s): Jack, Jacky, Wings
Species: A dragon.
Gender: Male.
Personality:With friends he is kind of secretive, shy. With someone new, shy, nice.
Appearance: His horns are Blue and black. His wing span is 5 feet, his tail is whip like. He has pale skin and sky blue eyes. He usually wears a torn old hoodie and a t-shirt , with ripped Gray jeans. He has red hair.
Family: None They died.
Age: (300 in Draconic) looks like a 20 year old.
Powers: Mind read, and teleportation.
Backstory: (I'll explain it later )

@saor_illust school

cool cool!
but, uh, elaborate a lil more on appearance? like,,, even small things like his hair colour or skin colour could be useful to know later in the rp when we start