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A group of elite warriors are chosen to ban together by various countries around the continent and begin a perilous quest up a mountain filled with deadly creatures and unexplained events, while a cruel villain with crushing brutality attempts to stop him

This story will take place in medieval times. It is recommended for your character to have some sort of weapon, and you must have magic. There are a few types of magic: Elemental (ice, fire, water, earth control, etc.), Physical(telekinesis, space/time warping, density control, molecular manipulation, etc.), Mental (Empathy, Hypnosis, telepathy), and Forbidden(dark magic, this is not allowed). You may have magical creatures, but only if they are humanoid or have a humanoid form (dragonshifter, fae, etc.)
Rules: No graphic gore
mild violence is allowed
your character must be approved by me
don't be impatient if anyone doesn't respond
if you abandon, let others know before you just stop
country can be made-up or real



Name: Damien Lawrf
Age: 20
Race: Half-Elf
Abilities: Molecular Manipulation
Personality: Kind and generous, Can be ruthless but maintains friendliness as best he can. Cold when in a bad mood. Develop.
Appearance: Black eyes with glowing blue eyes, Silver hair that is tied up, Wears a cloak with blue runic symbols on it. A black shirt and pants too.
Origin: The Kingdom of Lazarus
Other: Uses dual swords, Develop,

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Name: Isaac Reijin Akabane
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human, definetly.
Appearance: Isaac has platinum hair, and icy blue eyes. He tends to wear white v-neck shirts, and navy blue jeans. Everything he wears is fitted. His shoes are navy checkered, and made of canvas.
Abilities: Mirror Warp would count as physical. He can use pools of water or reflective things to warm from place to place.
Personality: Isaac is kept together, and really sensible. He doesn't lose his cool unless he is around a reminder of his ex-best friend. Isaac really notices details, but often times his clumsiness gets in the way of it being useful. He's very sweet, and fun, but strict in situations that may be dangerous.
Origin: He doesn't want to remember it, tries not to think about it. (Might get revealed later.)
Others: Isaac hates healing materials, it's a part of his friend's past.

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Name: Aslan Cavanaugh
Age: Nobody's sure, but his appearance falls around 20
Race: Fairy
Abilities: Control over the element of ice
Personality: An extremely vain fairy with no sense of mercy who often speaks in a condescending or cocky tone. Only willing to lend his help in exchange for any small trinket (he absolutely loves buttons).
Appearance: Aslan is about 5'7" with long limbs, pale skin, and angular blue eyes. His hair is thick, platinum blonde, and falls to his shoulders. Since he rarely walks, Aslan doesn't wear shoes and the majority of his clothes are made of loose white fabric. His wings come to points at their ends and have an indigo hue when hit by light.
Origin: Faerie Woods of Pinskaal
Other: Values speed and strategy over strength, thinks strength is useless without one of the other two.

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Name: Helena Zandaka

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Race: Jorōgumo (A being that can transform between a spider and a human in Japanese folklore.)

Abilities: Mainly hypnosis, but if that fails, she can insert suggestions into a person's head.

Personality: Born from a demon, Helena wandered the world in hopes to change her generation. Of course, originally, she had started off her life as a monster, but with the help of a young man, she changed and is currently questioning where she stands in the world. Helena is kind, but only to those who deserve kindness. She values respect and is loyal to those she trusts. However, if you betray her, she will not hesitate to kill–this does not mean, however, that she will kill someone over an argument, she would most likely be frustrated. Helena is slightly arrogant.

Appearance: This but with the outfit of this person.

Origin: The small town of Ebonbreach.

Other: (Is she good?)


Name: Wynter
Age: 21
Race: Human
Abilities: density control
Personality: Is practical most of the time, but in certain situations gets emotional
Appearance: White hair and pale skin, with ice-blue eyes. He is shorter than average.
Origin: He won't say

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