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I had this long group rp I really liked that kinda died so I wanna start a group again!
@octane_doin_a_confuse @Desvelarse @Ca1iCa1–Is–Tired , you guys are welcome to jump in if you're still active.

Magic isn't allowed here. Not unless you wish to be stoned or hung. The forest has shown kindness upon the few with magic flowing through their veins. It has killed many, not allowing them to leave to even be buried. Running for our lives, we all found each other there underneath the shade of the trees. A cottage in the middle of the woods only hosted by one, welcoming those with open arms. Well, mostly open arms.

Not sure how much sense that made, so don't be afraid to ask questions if needed!

Here's the template!
Magic used: (must have some sort of an ability)

Now to rules:

  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules apply, duh.
  • No disrespect to others out of rp!
  • Slight profanity is allowed, but keep it light.
  • No Mary-Sues/Gary Stus
  • Fairly good writing and grammar. Please please please!!!!
  • No one liners or just speaking. Doesn't need to be paragraphs, but about 3 sentences would be good for a minimum.

type in chance so I know you actually read this

@Painted-Iris group

Name: Lata Aylen
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Human, although is a magic user.
Magic used: Illusion magic, but is also fairly well practiced in potion making as well.
Appearance: Short light brown hair with a single braided streak, dark brown eyes, light tan, fairly skinny, has a small scar on her right cheek. She's about 5'2 in height.
Personality: Can come across as very sassy and spunky. A bit untrusting at first, but after a short amount of time she'll warm up to people. She isn't fond of showing her more timid side. She sometimes feels like a burden to people.
Other: Pushes herself too hard at times and after using too much magic, she will pass out.
Parents passing away at a young age, Lata was left to fend for herself as an orphan for years. She used her magic for somewhat good to save other witches from persecution and death, but sometimes had to kill. She often has mental breakdowns when reminded of it. She stays alone in an empty cottage to prevent anyone else from getting hurt as well that it seemed nice for being abandoned.


Name: Levi Faucette
Gender: Male
Age: remains the 12 year old version of any form he chooses, always 12, he can’t change it
Species: changeling
Magic used: Can take the appearance of anyone or anything that has lived before (that he has seen), he can’t imagine a whole new person or shift into something that doesn’t have the mental capacity to shift back out of. (For example he can’t shift into a rock to trip someone because he would never be able to shift out of it)
Appearance: Mainly appears as a young 12 year old Caribbean boy with wavy black hair to the nape of his neck, a bumped nose, green eyes, and a long scar in his right arm, from where he doesn’t know (he wants to ask the original owner of the body, but the real boy is dead) 5’5” in height, very skinny and underweight (from the original owner)
Personality: obsessed with helping people even if his efforts are unintentionally detrimental. He enjoys writing, prefers dark rooms, and lives Swiss cheese. Despite meddling a little too much, he does give good advice
Other: ENFJ; his mood and emotions easily change with the situation and the people he’s interacting with. He makes rash decisions, gets offended easily, and even sometimes uses emotional manipulation to get what he wants. But that’s only on his bad days
He also really really likes little kids