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Little girls everywhere dream of someday finding out they're long lost princesses, and being whisked away to a gorgeous palace full of good-looking princes. But when that scenario became a reality for Elara Acacius, she was far from thrilled. Besides the problems she already had with royalty, and her history as a thief, she was throw without warning into a world she barely knew about, and was forced to figure out how to adapt as quickly as she could.

A year later, Elara has managed to figure out how to at least pretend she knows what she's doing. And then the King throws in another twist. He's stepping down from the throne, meaning it's her time to step up. The only problem is, according to tradition and age-old laws, Elara needs a King by her side, in order to rule as Queen. So what does her father do? He invites eligible bachelors from all around the Kingdom of Avreca to stay at the palace, obviously. The goal? For Elara to choose one of them to marry.

She's already not happy about marrying someone she barely knows, let alone taking the throne, but an insufferable prince, along with all the other insufferable men, is making everything even more unbearable. Couple that with her own secret agenda, and you've got a recipe for disaster. But maybe there's hope for a little romance along the way, too.

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Usual clothing:
Favorite Food/Drink:
Powers, if applicable:

Name: Elara Acacius, fondly referred to as Magpie by a lot of the guards and staff, because of her love for shiny things, and her history as a thief.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Wavy white-blonde hair, that falls to about the bottom of her shoulder blades. Often has it braided back when she’s training or getting up to shit, or a few small braids when she feels like it. That last one is fairly common, because she braids when she’s thinking, nervous, paying attention or bored, and even flustered. It’s basically one of her ways of fiddling, which might have been easier to say. Her skin is decently tan, a natural tan that gets darker with more sun exposure, and she has freckles smattered along her cheeks and nose. The freckles glow when she uses her magic. She’s honestly not super tall, at about 5’4, but packs a decent amount of muscle and strength under her curves. Her eyes are mismatched, one a pale silver that has been likened to a star, and the other dark enough to resemble a starless night sky. Small scars litter her skin, from training incidents and her life before the palace. “She’s absolutely gorgeous, if a bit short.” An actual quote about her, courtesy of her best friend. She usually keeps her legs somewhat hidden, so the scars there are as well. That’s mostly because of what are obviously the scars from a dog bite/attack.
Usual clothing:
Casual/Training: For her training, aka daily-ish sparring matches with members of the guard, she wears clothes easy for movement, that also don’t get in the way. A pair of brown and form-fitting pants, tucked into black boots that come up to a few inches below her knees. An also form fitting cropped tank top, in black, and a belt with her dagger sheathed on it. Wears her diadem occasionally while training, for no other reason than the aesthetic. Her casual clothing is basically the same thing, just a long sleeved shirt most of the time. Will swap between a black cloak-like coverup, and a leather jacket over a navy blue zip-up hoodie. Depends on the aesthetic she’s feeling.
Formal-ish??: Loves dresses when it comes to formal events, and is really good at deciding what looks good, and fits the theme of the event. The diadem is always an accessory with these outfits.
Accessories: Her diadem, It’s simple, because she’s not a Queen yet. That, and she already broke three of them.
Personality: Ambitious is one way to put it. She strives to get better, to be the best she possibly can be, and then some. Isn't afraid to manipulate people. Cares quite a bit about her appearance, mostly because that's what's expected of her. Confident, and always walks like she’s wearing a crown, but is secretly incredibly self-conscious. Would do anything for those she's allied herself with. Can come off as almost cold and unfeeling sometimes, but is secretly incredibly sweet and kind. Diplomatic when she wants to be, but usually couldn’t care less about rules, and even enjoys breaking them.
Favorite Food/Drink: Absolutely loves sweet desserts, but is hesitant to eat them despite her access. Some small part of her is worried she’ll have to pay for them or something, because she never got to eat them a lot as a kid. Is also a huge fan of shrimp./Adores anything carbonated,but her ultimate favorite drink is hot chocolate, because she and her mother used to make it on special occasions.
Skills: A great thief and pickpocket. Can memorize almost anything. Gorgeous voice. Decent flirt, though she prefers her knives over seduction, and doesn’t really flirt for any other reason than to get out of something. Knows a lot of people, good with knives and daggers, good at manipulating her way around things.
Fears: Having to relive those few years after her mother’s disappearance, never finding her mother, falling in love/commitment(because she’s terrified she isn’t enough, and doesn’t want to be hurt), dogs.
Background: She wasn’t actually…raised in the palace. In fact, she had no clue she was the daughter of the King at all. She was born the product of an affair, which weren’t all that uncommon. What was uncommon, however, was the pregnancy, resulting in Elara’s birth into a lower-class family, the daughter of an escort/thief. She grew up every bit her mother’s daughter, in a home full of love, despite the struggles with money, food, and housing on occasion.
When she was fifteen, however, her mother just…disappeared. No warning, no letter, and no clues as to where she’d gone or if she was alright, something that was very out of character. Elara was left dealing with the grief caused by her mother’s disappearance, and struggling to keep herself alive on the streets, now completely alone. When she was seventeen, she was caught breaking into the palace, by none other than the boy who’d become her best friend. The two got on like gasoline and matches within two minutes of meeting, even as his overseer, the head of the Guard, expressed his disapproval and dragged her down to the dungeons.
Two days later, and many conversations with her new friend(that, if we’re being honest, weren’t even supposed to happen), the King himself came down to see her. It didn’t take long for him to recognize her, and before she knew it, it was being announced that she was his daughter. She’s well aware that the main reason he even let her live was because he had no heir, but they actually managed to bond somewhat, though she still doesn’t trust him.
Elara knows that most of the royals and people of ‘status’ in the palace don’t like her, and think claiming her was a mistake, making her even more eager to prove them wrong. She has, in fact, made quite a name for herself.
Powers, if applicable: Beyond being a badass bitch, it’s sort of like light manipulation. More geared towards it being almost like she’s got the power of a star inside her, which shows itself later in the effects of using more power than she’s used to. She can seemingly create light, and manipulate already existing light, and can even create illusions with this which she likes to use to entertain the children of staff and monarchs of varying degrees alike.
Other: Her dagger, a gift from her mother. Actually really likes the dark, mostly because the dark usually means night, and night means she can stargaze. Kinda fuckin’…adopts random stray animals that show up around the palace, like birds and cats and shit. They come and go, but always know her, and now most animals in the city do too, though she’s not aware of that.

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(This is from a rp I’m in right now, it’s a little old so I’ve improved but it’s the only one I can find right now)

Soeng-Jins heart dropped like an anchor in the waves. He's had heartbreak explained to him as a scar on your heart… But this one felt like a bruise more than anything. His heart was bleeding out, but there was no medicine to ease the pain, no bandages to stop the bleeding, and no cure. He felt as if all of the butterflies in his stomach from whenever she saw her gorgeous face, had all withered and died. He wanted to cry…. He wanted to scream…. He wanted to hold her… one last time.
He stopped himself from saying anything, for he knew his weak, faltering voice would give away his heartache. His hand quivering….. he wanted to take her hand and kiss her forehead gently, like a flower pedal landing on her face.
He looks at her, holding back a tear. He ruffles his sleek, yet tousled, frosted alabaster hair with his hand. He casts a yearning gaze at the street light flickering on and off.
The moonshine reflecting off of the slightly salty water in his ironically innocent, yet surpassingly calm, misty blue eyes. He wanted to slowly crawl in his bed and hide from the brutal, unforgiving reality, under his heavy blankets.
"Can I….. hug you…. one last time?"
He manages to push out of his burning throat, avoiding eye contact. He couldn't face her, not with a miserable heart such as his own. He should've known that they wouldn't of lasted long.
He should have known…That no matter how much he loved her…. he couldn't keep her.


Oh, wow. I like the use of descriptions as well as actions, instead of just one of the two! You're welcome to join, thank you for showing me the sample. Just fill out the temp and post 'im up!

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Here he is, I hope you like him! He's a sweety!

Name: Elias Bonzerwick

Age(18-20): 19 almost 20

Gender: Male


Usual clothing
Personality: Super sweet, kind, and caring, and he shows it, although he’s definitely a gentleman, very proper, being a prince and all. (you could probably find him chasing a butterfly lol) Plus he’s a hopeless romantic (yet he’s not happy being forced to get married.

Favorite Food/Drink: fancy cream puffs

Skills: (I'm guessing like talents?) He’s very good dual-wielding longswords and hook swords, but other than that he’s incredibly athletic but he’s extremely humble.

Fears: thorns (when he was little he tried to pick a rose, but the thorn stabbed his finger, and it got infected, it was a really horrible experience for him, he was only like five)

Background: He’s been a prince all of his life, although he’s tried to run away a few times around the age of fifteen, but he still kind of wants to go outside of the kingdom. It's like he's been raised in captivity all of his life.

Powers, if applicable: “Abuse – The ability to enter another mind and cause pain, loss of consciousness, and eventually death.”
He hates it lol

Other: He wears a chain necklace around his neck at all times,
His weapons:
Hook sword:
Normal longswords:
(they're a lot longer than that though)


Tbh, I didn't quite get that far. Obviously, there's the palace, so would having them just run into each other there work best? Or they could meet in the city, where Elara likes to sneak out to?

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oh okay! And the king called him 3 other princes for her to marry, so shes saw him before him the palace but they haven't met until now, and she could be like "oh you're one of the princes I'm supposed to marry" (something like that maybe)


Elara Acacius had grown up on the streets of Kavyo, the capitol city of Avreca, and they were the closest thing to a home she had. Bustling and crowded and occasionally filthy, depending entirely on the area, they were as familiar as the back of her hand, and the only place she could find her own semblance of peace anymore. Her own world, far from that of the cold palace that could barely stand her presence, let alone accept her. The street she was on now, a bustling street in the heart of the city, near the palace and far enough away that she didn't expect to run into anyone, was a great example of that. Despite her rise to status, she knew enough of these people, at least in passing, that she didn't have to accept the looks. She was just Elara, not Princess Elara, Heiress and Found Princess.

One more stop. She really should be getting back, considering she'd already been gone for two hours. The King would have a lecture prepared, for sure, one about responsibility and titles. He never stopped to consider her side of it. She hadn't gotten a letter, or been given time to think and prepare. No, she'd been shoved into a dirty jail cell and yanked right out two days later, to be thrust into the spotlight that came with being the sole Heir to the throne, and an illegitimate one at that. The perfect scandal, and the best backup plan. If his retirement hadn't been staring him down, Elara knew the King wouldn't have spared her a second word and glance. She would have been executed. And some days, she found herself wishing that had been the course Fate had taken.

With a wry snort, her hood fell back, revealing her pale hair and the shining diadem crowning her head. Elara, despite her better judgement, had grown somewhat attached to it, most likely because of the price it carried. She had always liked shiny things, and now she had access to plenty. Along with the other problems that came with that access, her least favorite was the sudden inability to steal. She wasn't allowed to pickpocket in the palace, despite being surrounded by rich Lords and Ladies and dignitaries with pockets full of coin and precious metals adorning their skin so casually. The exact thing that had kept her alive was banned, and she hated it.

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Elias had finally escaped his mothers grasp. He had been held in this palace to marry a princess. He snuck over the walls and to the bustling city. The air smelled of light smoke but it was better than smelling fake. He's only seen the princess once, and that was earlier this morning, and she didn't look too happy about it either.
Running through the streets, ducking behind carts and horses, he found himself in front of a blacksmith shop.
After admiring the weapons, rather suspiciously with his cloak over his head and body, he didn't want people to know he was royal.
It was too much of a pain, ladies fawning over him, and people either begging for help or cursing him to hell.
Elias Bonserwick and might be king of this place, whatever it was. He was sick of being held captive in that place, he felt free, jumping across the building roofs and dodging horses. This is where he liked it, he was never allowed to go outside at his place, all of the attention was always on him. He felt bad for the princess here, whose name he forgot already.

Looking from atop one of the buildings he spotted pale white hair, it looked almost too beautiful to be real.
He notices a sliver crown-like thing resting on her head.
the princess?
He thought curiously to himself hopping down from the building and running to the might-be princess.

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((Sorry that took so damn long, I may or may not have continuously managed to get distracted with reading.))

(oh no it's fine! I like writing long things myself!)


Elara had been about to cut through an alleyway, the quickest and shortest route to her destination, when her eyes caught an all-too familiar figure making it's way quickly over to her. Elias Bonserwick. She'd met him in passing, and hadn't even had a conversation with him, but that was the price of a memory sharpened by the threat of death. That, and the list the King had given her.

Shoving her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket, left open over the open zip-up hoodie and the cropped shirt she usually saved for training, she debated ignoring him and continuing on her way. She had no doubt that she'd be able to lose him. This city was her home, after all, these streets imprinted in her mind to the point that she could travel them while blinded. It's better to get it over with now, though. No matter how long he keeps you, you can make that time up to Mack. So she stood still and waited.