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Your village left you behind in the forest to die as a sacrifice for the god of the forest. After a while the god shows up, but it's not interested in your death, instead it's looking for a new servant. As the god teaches you how to see, interact with, and fight other gods, you realize that the gods are not as peaceful as they seem.

No cursing etc.
This is probably going to die anyway but try to post daily if you can :)
Play as a god or a sacrifice.


Powers(not OP if sacrifice):
Why you were left behind:

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God/sacrifice: God
Powers(not OP if sacrifice): Well, it is a god
Name: Pax or Forest God
Age: 7 googolplex years old
Gender: None
Appearance: No one knows
Personality: Kind and nurturing to those that deserve it but those that don't, it is the exact opposite.
Why you were left behind:

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(*a sacrifice? Lol.

Do we get to chose our gods? If so, can I wait for more people to show up to take my choice?)


(Yeah. You start out as a sacrifice to the forest god, but later when you start seeing other gods you can choose one of them :3 it might take a while for people to show up, though)