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Shōrai is a place of magic with very few humans.


There are 4 major kingdoms in the world of Shōrai.

These are the Water Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Air Kingdom & Earth Kingdom.

The people of the Water Kingdom are humanoid, with features of many types of fish. These include Axolotls, Catfish, Sharks, Anglerfish, Piranhas and Eels.

The people of the Fire Kingdom are humanoid with fire for hair.

The people of the Air Kingdom are humanoid with the wings and feet of many types of birds.

The people of the Earth Kingdom are humanoid with flowers naturally growing in their hair and the horns (or antlers) of many types of horned creatures.

There are also 4 minor kingdoms in the world of Shōrai.

These are the Crystal Kingdom, Metal Kingdom, Star Kingdom & Toxic Kingdom.

The people of the Crystal Kingdom are humanoids made of several types of crystals.

The people of the Metal Kingdom are humanoids with cybernetic parts.

The people of the Star Kingdom are humanoids with antennae and bug-like wings. They have unnatural skin colours.

The people of the Toxic Kingdom are humanoids with showing bones and bits of melting black flesh.

The few humans left in the world have formed the Neutral Village, which wishes for the return of humans and the disappearance of the other creatures.

The kingdoms are at peace, but the Neutral Village might change that.

Royalty roles (Not all roles need to be filled, just the queens for all 8 kingdoms)-

Water Queen:

Water King:

Water Princess #1: @RiverTheSeawing (Coral)

Water Prince(ss) #2:

Fire Queen:

Fire King:

Fire Prince(ss) #1:

Fire Prince(ss) #2:

Air Queen:

Air King:

Air Prince(ss) #1:

Air Prince(ss) #2:

Earth Queen:

Earth King:

Earth Prince #1: @jacen-is-really-fackin-gay (Syfin Lee)

Earth Prince(ss) #2:

Crystal Queen: @Serpentess (Queen Ahlura Ezzaen)

Crystal King:

Crystal Prince(ss) #1:

Crystal Prince(ss) #2:

Metal Queen:

Metal King:

Metal Prince(ss) #1:

Metal Prince(ss) #2:

Star Queen:

Star King:

Star Prince(ss) #1:

Star Prince(ss) #2:

Toxic Queen:

Toxic King: @mothmans_lil_dancy_dance (Arkturus Von Morozov)

Toxic Princess #1: @megandawnkorain (Necrolai Xinyra)

Toxic Prince(ss) #2:

(I'll post the character sheet tomorrow.)

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(This seems interesting. Mind if I join?)
(If yes, does it necessarily matter what the character looks like, as long as they meet the set details above? The reason I ask is because I can come up with some really detailed and exotic characters)

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Google Photos

Name: Arkturus Von Morozov

Race: Toxic Being

Position: King of Rot and Ruin

Gender: doesn’t really have a sex, but uses he/him or it/its pronouns (he’s fine with either, but people usually default to he/him with it)

Alignment: True Neutral

Sexuality: Asexual Demiromantic. He doesn’t care what gender people are, but it takes a lot to get into its heart.

Age: about 500 human years, still relatively ‘young’ compared to his people though; like in his late 20s if scaled to the human lifespan

Family and Relationships: The rest of the ‘royal family’ are not related to it. They’re a bit like his right-hand men, or lieutenants. He’s the main figure of power in the Toxic Kingdom, but consults with the others before making important decisions. The ‘princes’ and ‘princesses’ are simply the once-average citizens that he picked to be his heirs.

Appearance: It wears an ornate plague doctor mask almost all of the time, and his entire body is covered in layers of clothing and armor. The Toxic Kingdom has a pretty cold climate, so overheating has never really been a problem for it. He never shows any skin, and some of his subjects conspire that he may have no flesh at all. He is always followed by a teal smoke, which leaks out of the glowing eyes of its mask. He’s about 6’10, and his voice is deep and raspy. His body shape isn’t visible beneath all of its clothing, but he seems to be very strong.

Personality: He is very stern, and will not hesitate to punish those that hurt his people. He’s fairly diplomatic, however, and is good at negotiating in his kingdom’s favor. He is respected by his people, but feared by almost anyone outside of his own. He keeps his stiff facade up almost all of the time, but under it, it’s very caring. He will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about. He’s just on the edge of overprotectiveness, but it comes from a place of deep concern. Can and will worry about people he loves all. the. time. Also proficient in sarcasm.

Powers: He can control radiation, and the rate that things decay. It can accelerate the decay of living things to the point where they die instantaneously. The radiation is so harsh in his kingdom that most other beings can’t handle it. He can raise the radioactivity of an area temporarily, but can not lower it. It wears off after about 30 minutes, and the average radius is about 10 meters.

Strengths: His stiff demeanor, its logic and reasoning, his powers.

Weaknesses: He tends to block people out, and is pretty uptight. He also had a pretty bad childhood, which he doesn’t tell anyone about.

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(I love crystals, so that’s what I went with)

Name: Queen Ahlura Ezzaen
Age: 163 human years, young enough for body to still be smooth but old enough for fissures to start appearing.
Gender: Female
Species: Crystal-Majesty, a branch of the common Crystalfolk that are typically born of royalty. They are often tall with large horns, and have extended lifespans.
Kingdom: Crystal
Personality: Aesthetic and mildly ascetic. She prefers harmony and likes to keep the world as natural as possible, which means that her kingdom is full of massive crystal ‘forests’. She is generally a calm, quiet, and patient individual dedicated to her Order’s work, but when provoked she is an unstoppable wall of ruthlessness. It is very difficult to sway her moods.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Appearance: Crystals— Her torso is a thick piece of amethyst with a streak of clear quartz in the center, her left arm is golden topaz, her right arm is peridot, her legs are a mix of blue sapphire and lapis lazuli, and her head is malachite with ruby eyes, several thick strands of onyx ‘hair’, and emerald horns. Her lips are rose quartz and the inside of her mouth is clear quartz without teeth or a tongue.
Size/Shape— Her body is voluptuous with an hourglass figure, broad shoulders, large ‘breasts’, and long legs. She has two long and tall antler-like horns on her head that continue to slowly grow. She has sharp crystals that grow on her shoulders and elbows, these can be removed with some effort. She is 7’ 3”, not including her 2’ horns.
Outfits: She wears plain purple dresses with skirts that are short in the front and long enough to drag a few feet in the back. She never wears shoes or a crown.
Backstory (Optional): She was born to Crystalfolk merchants instead of royalty, a rare occurrence, and was quickly given to the royal family, where she was raised to be the next queen. This has caused conflict with the former heir, who still hates her. Her birth has been considered an omen since she was a child.
Other (Optional): She is a Master in the Order of Amethyst, an order of monks built to promote the growth of harmony and crystal growth. She is also an acknowledged artist, primarily of painting. She has taught herself the power to make crystals grow extremely fast, and she can eat small gems to make the crystals of her body bigger and sharper. Her voice is deep and sensual and seems to faintly echo. She can yell quite loudly.


Name: Coral
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Water Elemental
Kingdom: Water Kingdom
Personality: Hyper and adventurous. Reckless and doesn't care about the rules she breaks.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Small girl with the gills, feet and tail of an axolotl. He fingers are webbed. She has blue hair and brown eyes.
Outfits: She wears a wetsuit with a frilly neck and a crown with a blue jewel on it.

(Sorry it took me so long to get my character up, it didn't cross my mind. I guess that's what happens when you're in like a million roleplays at the same time.)

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Name: Ink!sans
Age: 24
Gender: he/she
Species:just a artestic human
Kingdom: Not yet
Personality: TranceGender/Bisexual/Asexual/art/draws/have vailes=paint)/Broomy/i like skittels

Appearance: a human but can turn into a skeleton if i want :) /can teleport with broomy