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There is absolutely no prompt here, though, there are some rules. Just a medieval town and your characters. Limit is 5 people.

  • No hating a person. Character hatred toward another character is ok, though.
  • Romance allowed, nothing "inappropriate" (kisses are okay)
  • No excessive swearing
  • Magic is allowed, though absolutely no overdoing it. I'll tell you if you're going overboard.
  • If I say you cannot join, you cannot join
  • Be respectful of others
  • No OP characters (I'll tell you if you're being OP)

What's needed for character info:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Species
  • Basic Looks
  • Basic description of their main outfit
  • Height
  • Career
  • 3 Dislikes
  • Relationship Status (single, dating, married, engaged)


If you guys wanna join, please post your basic character info. Secrets and special things can be kept secret until it's revealed in the role play.


Name: Vida Flor
Age: 23
Gender: female
Species: elf/human
Basic Looks: dark skin, pointed ears, long dark hair, and forest green eyes. Slightly muscular, tattoos of runes and symbols in gold on her arms, and flowers & vines tattooed on her back
Basic description of their main outfit: mens plain white tunic, black trousers, and riding boots. Belt with pouches, filled with herbs, seeds, and vials. Often wearing a long black cloak with a hood
Height: 5’5
Career: healer, makes herbal remedies as well
Power: nature magic. Control, speed up the growth of, and get the most out of plants. Can also communicate with animals
3 Likes: out-drinking men in the tavern, her cat Broom, and helping people and creatures
3 Dislikes: eating meat, bad people, and fire
Relationship Status (single, dating, married, engaged): single
she alright?


Name: Nadie
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Faun
Basic Looks: Olive complexion, wavy shoulder-length black hair, curled white horns on the sides of her head, grey eyes
Main Outfit: A black cloak draped over an emerald-green gown. She carries a leather satchel that goes across her body.
Height: 5'6
Career: Traveling Merchant
3 Likes: Drinking, observing people in the courtyard and journaling about it, traveling.
3 Dislikes: Those who disrespect her species, thieves, the heat.


I have a disease that's really unpredictable so i was having a really bad couple of days and i didn't know when i was gonna be better, and i didn't want to slow down the conversation or just be that person that never commits back so i decided to leave. but i got better but they found another person. so it worked out.


Aw I'm glad you're better :3 they found another person for the princess but you were going to be a prince so there's still empty spots if you ever want to com back :)