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The World: In this world there are two kingdoms: the Kingdom of the Brightened Sun, and the Kingdom of the Shadowed Moon, or KBS and KSM for ease of writing.

The (summarized)Lore: There were originally three Gods, Astrice, Icne, and Lukant, Astrice created many spirits and then mortals, Lukant thought that mortals should not have free will so sought to destroy them. He created demons to help him, but to do this he had to give up half of his magic: dark magic. Icne sought to protect mortals, so created the angels, and gave up light magic to do so. Astrice evaporated her soul into the land so that humans had access to magic and could fight against the divine beings, at least to some extent. KBS worships Lukant so the demons won’t destroy them, KSM worships Icne so she will protect them. They believes that heaven is in the moon and hell is in the sun.

The Magic: After using one type of magic for long enough, your soul becomes tainted with it and you cannot use the other type. KBS use light magic, which manifests itself in white hellfire and bright flashes, commonly used to create hellfire weapons. KSM use dark magic, which manifests as deep shadows and black ice. Weapons are commonly created out of black ice, which numbs the flesh it touches.

The character I will play: Lorrehlyl, a young mage in the Army of the Brightened Sun who is quickly rising in the ranks, and shows great promise. She is about 5’5, with black hair and gray eyes.

The character you will play: A handsome spy for the Kingdom of the Shadowed Moon named Rogan, a skilled mage. He is acting as a swordsman in the army, and no one knows he can perform magic, much less dark magic. He hides it well. He has black hair and blue, almost violet, eyes. In this story, his personality is up to you, unless you want me to give you his personality in the actual story I wrote.

The Story: Rogan meets Lorrehlyl and begins to develop feelings for her, which he knows will jeopardize his mission. After a romantic night on a hilltop when he gives her a necklace supposedly from his mother and they kiss, he then drugs her and carves a specific rune onto her right hand with a black ice dagger. The rune was supposed to allow a demon to possess her, but as it was dark and he didn’t have a lot of practice with demon runes, he carved the wrong one, binding one to poor Lorrehlyl and forcing her to be haunted by the demons Nijçs and Coils for eternity. He then disappears into the night, never to be seen again. (At least, not in this RP.)

You’ve read through all that information? Good job! Rules are: do not swear, swearing can be replaced with cek, a word I thought up for this very purpose. Please check this regularly, do not let it die quickly like so many potentially amazing RPs before it. Ask any questions you have about this, I am always happy to help!

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Okay, I really like the idea, but I can only roleplay on weekdays, and I'm on and off often. Could I possibly/maybe join?

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Um, the same thing kinda happened to me, rendering my old account, CoolCat, inactive. I can only rp at school, meaning that I can't do it in the summer.