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A story about a King who wanted to kill every non-human out there. A small group arose from the chaos of battle to stop him. Anyone up for it? I'm pretty much open to everything.


Height: Average height

Race: Light elf

Build: Lightly muscled, not bulky tho

Weight: Not too heavy, but more light

Skin tone: White

Gender: Male

Flaws: Over-protective of friends

Talents: As a light elf, he uses powers such as light. Like built in flash-light hands but they have healing properties

Relationships: Currently single pringle, attracted to females

Outfit: Long black coat, white t-shirt, black boots

Hobby/Habit: Loves gardening but denies it


Height: a little shortish i guess

Race: dark faerie

Build: willowy, slightly muscled

Weight: 135

Skin tone: light caramel

Gender: Female

Flaws: idk if depression counts but she's also power-hungry and will do away cough murder cough

Talents: controlling her magic, art

Relationships: none, she's attracted to males

Outfit: flowing white and black dress

Hobby/Habit: (optional, just an icebreaker): chewing her nails, often causes them to bleed
and of course you can call me Ember!


(i guess we should start so here goes:

Elm Trisrel ducked under the cover of the green foliage. His best option was to hide in the bushes. His heart pounded quickly, and his hands shook. He felt the ground tremble from the horse's hooves striking the ground. "I can't die here." Elm whispered softly. He clenched his hands into fists to stop them from shaking. His eyes scanned around the bushes. There seemed to be no good hiding place, but he would have to make do. It was getting darker by the second, as the sun sank lower into the horizon. Elm could hear the soldier's voices barking commands. Elm whipped around and his eyes searched the area. A tall pine tree caught his eye. He hugged the bark and started slinking up. It was uncomfortable and quite sappy, but it was better than being killed. He clambered up to a higher branch, where he could see the sun setting. He outstretched his palms towards the sun, soaking in the last light. Then, he hid. 'I need help NOW.' He thought to himself and hoped someone would hear him…


Elm looked down worriedly. It was his best chance. Even above he could hear them. "Okay!" He replied and squeezed his eyes shut. He took a shaky breath and jumped. He felt himself plunge downward and then land on the web. He opened his eyes. He looked at her and said "Thank you."


"Yes, but now you're paralysed. Don't move, don't try to move." Aza gathered the net and slung it over her shoulder. "I still won't hurt you, but this is just a precaution. So the guards don't suspect anything."


Height: 5'7"

Race: Fire Mage(if that's okay…)

Build: Slender and slightly muscled, curvy

Weight: 120

Skin tone: Very very pale

Gender: Female

Flaws: Gets angry very easily, loves everything shiny or sharp, will kill or harm anyone who annoys her

Talents: Using her powers, fighting with daggers, thieving, acting, remembering things, picking locks

Relationships: None, would be a guy magnet except that she always wears bulky clothes and cuts her hair short

Outfit: Loose clothes so that she looks almost shapeless, worn black boots

Hobby/Habit: She chews her lip when she's thinking, and she loves to carve things into pieces of wood.


"Shut your mouth and keep it closed. Act like you're in pain." Aza instructed. Whisking the hand that didn't hold the net, she sent an arc of light across her body, and it changed to look like a guard's uniform.


Adara moved quickly through the brush, doing her best not to be seen. She heard voices and climbed hurriedly into a tree to avoid detection.


Adara hid behind a large branch and listened hard, fiery eyes watching. There seemed to be an elf and a faerie, and a little ways a way was about a dozen soldiers. She bit her lip. Should she go help them or not?


Adara jumped and silently cursed. Well, at least now she knew what to do. She jumped down from the tree, waved at them and darted toward the soldiers.