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4 Adventurers walk into the Guild, looking for a job. They decide to take a difficult job as a party, and shenanigans, adventure and bonding happen.

Basic D&D inspired Medieval Fantasy adventure.

Rules: The basic andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules
Keep it Pg-13
No Godmodding
2-3 Sentence responses minimum

(Character template)
Height and Weight:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
General Looks:

Abilities(Magic and Non-Magic):


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(Hi I have a question cuz I might join maybe if I have time. is it dnd or dnd inspired?)

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( 👀 if i may? i'd love to get back into the vibe of rping auu…….. i'll def try to be on at least once a day but i cant prommy more than that,, ,, , but i think this sounds super cool ^^)

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name: carmen

age: 21

pronouns: any except he/him

sexuality: lesbian ace

height and weight: 149cm, 41.2kg

hair color: blonde

hair style: short & fluffy

general looks: it should be noted that she also has very sharp fangs. eye colour is that green shade under the "n" on the name but i failed to account for the green when i changed the bg colour LMAO. as for the little thigh strap on the alt outfit. the little pocket (?) there is mainly just to hold small items when convenient~ i'm also including the ref images for the main outfit, character idea, and misc. here.

race/species: vulpes cana (blandford’s fox) x human cross :3

class: druid

abilities (magic and non-magic): skilled with a sword!! not so much in combat as she hasn’t really had much chances to do so yet, but thinks its quite fun to play around with as well. her eyes are better adapted to the night than most, though of course this difference pales in comparison to creatures with actual night vision. she also has good hearing thanks to her ears. in combat, she can use magic to quickly attack, move as if teleporting behind an enemy (single target attack), and attack once more. unless at a clear disadvantage, however, carmen tends to avoid using this ability as it both drains her magic, lowering the rate of future usages, and requires pre-planning and cannot be used instantaneously. similarly, she may also briefly camouflage herself to blend in with her environment, but this ability drains her magic and energy quite fast, and as such, is rarely used.

personality: carmen comes off as pretty antisocial. while she doesn’t exhibit any inherent qualities that make people want to stay away, she just doesn’t really talk much. however, she has still managed to make a few friends here and there with her gentle gaze and writing notes. though she has valued their company, she still prefers the company of herself. even so, she does not forgive easily, is quick to blame, and can overreact at times. her quietness may seem like she is unconfident, however, she is confident in her own abilities and won’t hesitate to get upset if you assume otherwise or underestimate her own abilities. there is, however, a mysterious feeling that seems to have haunted her ever since she left home…. could this perhaps be loneliness?

likes: friendships where you don’t talk just give each other material gifts every once in awhile, puzzles, heat, isolation, adventure

dislikes: forced socialisation, plant material (as food), others thinking less of her, loud noises, bright lights

background: although carmen grew up around humans, she was never very fond of socialising with others, save for her family. even so, when she got old enough to dream of such things, she longed to get away and retire to a small underground cabin of sorts in the middle of nowhere. to aid her in her future journeys, she learned sword arts. she knows her parents love her, and she loves her parents too, but a girl must pursue her dreams. that brings us to today, where she is hoping to make some money through adventuring, to either purchase such a building or build one herself.

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(considering, not sure about what character ill use. might just take someone from one of my stories since his purpose is related to a league of explorers so he might fit right in)

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(Ooooh I love her! I'll work on getting my character up, and hopefully someone else will join by then)

(tysm! just one thing since you said it wasn't dnd, just dnd inspired. so i wasn't sure if you had your own idea for the classes or if it'd just be easier to ref dnd classes instead)

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(Ooooh I love her! I'll work on getting my character up, and hopefully someone else will join by then)

(tysm! just one thing since you said it wasn't dnd, just dnd inspired. so i wasn't sure if you had your own idea for the classes or if it'd just be easier to ref dnd classes instead)

(Yeah you can just base it off of dnd classes. By inspired, its basically a pretty basic Medieval fantasy dnd world but we'll just be doing a rp. I don't have full original ideas for the classes or anything)

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(Sorry, I kind of forgot about this. Since no one else seems to have been interested, would you want to just do a oxo for this, instead of a group?)

Also here's my character, again, sorry about forgetting about this
Name: Raiki
Age: 19
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Aroace
Height and Weight:
Hair Color: Silver with little yellow tips
Hair Style: Short, spiky
General Looks: Tall, with a decent bit of muscle.
Race/Species: Wolf-Man(Not a werewolf, just a Wolf-man)
Class: Fighter/Monk
Abilities(Magic and Non-Magic): Is quite fast, wielding a pair of scimitars in combat. Often running up and across buildings and other vertical landmarks during combat. Can course electric magic through his body to boost his speed and strength momentarily, as well as the electricity moving through his swords as well.

Personalty: Has a very level head, used to being a calming presence.
Likes: The feeling of being up on high places, his friends, consent, fresh air,
Dislikes: people assuming things about him, toxic people,
Background:/Backstory- One of the older sons of his big family. He ran away from home once with an old friend long ago, and there was when he figured out that there was a difference between romantic and platonic love. Now, he has left home to be an adventurer, hoping to make money to help his family back home, and of course Adventuring is a very enjoyable career personally.

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(here's my character, sorry for the wait. Also, I translated the measurements from Imperial to Metric because I'm American, and Saor used metric)

Name: Kaltain (meaning Destroyer of Worlds)
Age: 23
Pronouns: She/Her, He/Him, They/Them (AFAB)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height and Weight: around 5'10" (177cm) and 137lbs(62kg)
Hair Color: a light, sandy brown
Hair Style: short and messy, a pixie cut type length
General Looks: Tall and well-built, she has a very "masc-lesbian" air. She has a pear shape and muscular thighs and wears many loose clothes. Tunics and sandals a lot. She has dark skin and near-black eyes, with flecks of light brown.

Race/Species: Earth (sand) Genasi
Class: Rouge
Abilities(Magic and Non-Magic): She's strong and good at hiding. Her charisma is good and she can most often persuade people. If not that, then intimidate. She can form an hourglass using a small part of her body and control the sand within. She's very connected with the earth and has very basic earth magic, but her real skill is in sandy areas

Personality: She's very brave and strong, resilient even when she needs to back down. She will always hold her ground in a fight. She's tricky about this though. She'll make it look like she quit, only to come back when you least expect it. She's dextrous and tricky, with a history of sticky fingers and leprechaun-type tricks
Likes: diversity, warm climates, and being believed in
Dislikes: The cold, people underestimating her strength, gender roles
Hamartia(fatal flaw): When challenged about her strength or resilience, she will always be on the defensive. She never backs down from a challenge once she's doubted.

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The Adventurers Guild is a gateway to adventurers, as most know. It is where you would go in order to take on your first adventure. Raiki walks into the guild, feeling nervous and excited, a rare combination for him. He was leaving home after all, so it made sense that he was nervous about this next step. He shook his head, and took a deep breath to center himself. He then pushed open the doors to the guild, walking inside. t

The Guild was quite busy, plenty of people bustling about, at the desk and Quest Board. As he tries to figure out the order of things, he sees the rules and regulations board. After a quick skim, he realizes that an Adventuring Party must be a group of 3 or more, as 2 or fewer are not likely to survive most quest. Raiki realizes this is an issue as he came alone. This probably was something he should have known beforehand. He looks around the crowd, nervously trying to see if there were any other loners he could join up with.

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Kaltain was quite the rowdy adventurer. She had experience galore. Not in a guild, of course, as she had never been interested in going for the money. She always explored her own route, and didn't want a time limit. She had been meandering around the little Guild building, pickpocketing interesting people and slipping what else she might be able to sell in her pockets. She smiled greedily as she spied a tall wolf-man standing by himself. He looked nervous, but rather sure of himself nonetheless she slunk over to him through the crowd, appearing in front of him just below his field of vision. She wasn't used to being short compared to people, so she stood patiently waiting for him to notice her. when he didn't, she cleared her throat and began speaking. "Hi, stranger. My names Kaltain. How goes it?" Her voice came off with less of it's usually boisterousnees, and her accent was smooth and clear

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As Carmen entered the guild, she breathed in the air, feeling contented with all the new smells. Home away from home, she hoped this place would become. At least, temporarily, until she got herself a home of her own…

She glanced around, trying to gain her bearings in this new situation. To her left, the desk and quest board. Not far away, the rules and regulations board. And all around her, adventurers, both amateur and experienced. And she was about to become one of them. Carmen made her way over to the rules and regulations board so that she could read it clearer, and noticed that one of the requirements for an adventuring party—which was also required in order to accept any quests—was a group of three or higher.

A sigh. She glanced around her once more, this time looking for loners or duos who hadn't quite found a third person yet… and wow, there was quite the duo. A butch and a wolf man? She could have almost laughed at the absurdity. But oh, the merrier, she supposed, and made her way to them anyways. And to be honest, English wasn't her first language either, so her accent was still pretty thick. … and she always seemed to have to clear her throat first. "'Ey, looking for a third?"

Perhaps she was from Europe? Though not quite Asia… perhaps the Middle East, then? Though quiet, she sure could sound rough with that voice if she wanted to. Anyways, it was hard not to notice her with such a tail.

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Raiki first acknowledges the genasi that greets him. "Oh! Hello. I'm Raiki, I've realized slightly too late that you need a party of 3 in order to register." He sighs, a little disappointed in his own failure to have figured that bit out before hand. When the fox-human speaks up, he turns and greets them with a smile. "Yes! Well, I'm not sure if she's really joining me, but if you're looking for a group to join, the extra member would be a help. Nice to meet you, I'm Raiki."