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So the rules are:

  • Be nice outside the rp.
  • Swearing is fine just don't be crazy about it. :)
  • If you are being annoying, please leave.
  • Don't make your characters OP.
  • Stalking fine and you can comment but don't be rude to the rp's (The same goes with the rp's being rude to the stalkers)
  • Be reasonable with your choices.
  • Don't always reply with "yep" or "ok" or just one word. Try to be creative.

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I would really love to participate in a fantasy roleplay if we could figure out a more specific setting for it!

Personally, I believe having a world open to all sorts of races would definitely make it easier to find people willing to participate. I've not got any super detailed ideas, but maybe a small group roleplay set in a world where all sorts of fantastical races exist, each with ancestors hailing from their (most likely) place of historical origin. Beings like dwarves have Norse heritage, while Sirens have Greek heritage.

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We could do a cliche unlikely hero goes on adventure, stops at some place, forms a group of misfit heroes, and then they go on to defeat some great evil being.

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We could do a cliche unlikely hero goes on adventure, stops at some place, forms a group of misfit heroes, and then they go on to defeat some great evil being.

I like this idea.
I'll put up a form later because I'm busy now. Is it ok if I'm the cliche unlikely hero?

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Any powers?:

So this is the form I have made.
These are the races you can choose from but please don't make your character OP.

Human: Has no power. Is just a normal human

Elf: Elf ears. Controls only one element (Earth, Fire, Water or Air)

Dwarf: Short. Can camouflage them self into rocks.

Fairy: Transparent wings. Are small but can change their size to human and back. Can fly (duh)

Goblin: Has unusual skin colours. Big ears and big noses. Enhanced smell and hearing. Known for selling gems and herb etc. on the black market.

Witch/Wizard: Good with potions and herbs.

Siren: They can live in water and have tails but when they are out of the water, their tails become legs. They attract men and men think they are pretty and have beautiful singing voices. Women see their true form and they are very ugly.

Harpy: Half women half bird. Big feathery wings. They can create storms. Their wings bring the clouds and their voices bring the thunder.

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Name: Zaire Björk
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Race: Elf
Appearance: A petite girl who is quite childish in appearance, with long, wavy, peach colored hair and cat-like green eyes which nicely contrast her honey colored skin.
Personality: Zaire is quite rude, constantly looking down upon people and making snide remarks. Occasionally she has a nice moment, but she's generally hard to crack. If you really want her to be decent, you'd better clean yourself well.
Any powers?: Controls the earth element, has a talent for creating golems.
Flaws: Zaire is a huge germophobe who will refuse to make physical contact with anything or anyone that looks dirty in the slightest.
Likes/Dislikes: (Clean) Animals, girls, observing fights from a distance, the forest/Anything dirty, dancing, drunks, poisonous plants
Other: Absolutely cannot stand complete silence. She must always have some background noise.

(Please let me know if any changes need to be made.)


Name: Primrose Wilson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Witch
Appearance: She’s 5’6, has dark brown hair, gray eyes, and has a stereotypical pointy hat with a feather. She also carries a brown bag which carries her recipe book for spells and potions, a couple of potions, empty bottles, and a pencil
Personality: I had just created her, so I’m not really sure yet. But maybe a little sassy?
Any powers?: finding stuff for spells,
Flaws: she has trouble remembering which potions needs what, which is why she carries a recipe book for spells, potions and other stuff
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: making finding new recipes, finding use of potions that she doesn’t use often, using deadly spells/potions to destroy her enemies Dislikes: her spells/potions not working, kids (mainly the toddler and baby type)


Name: Avery Pearson
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Fairy
Appearance: Tall side of average height. She has auburn hair which is usually pulled back into braids. She tries to wear clothes that makes her seem like she's not a fairy. So jeans, flannels, anything tomboy-y.
Personality: Absolutely hates the fact that she's a fairy and will go to pretty much any length so that people don't find out about it. She doesn't mind the flying part (in fact she loves it) but she finds the stereotype embarrassing. She's adventurous and will quickly jump into action. She's more street-smart than book-smart, but she does pick up stuff quickly.
Any powers: Flying I guess?
Flaws: Never utilises her powers as a fairy unless she absolutely has to. If her parents catch her out-and-about they just have to say hello, and they pretty much never take human form, so she tries to avoid her parents at all costs. Her wings also appear after 5 seconds of usage.
Likes: Flying (when people aren't watching). Dislikes: The stereotype of being a fairy, the fact that her parents try and spoil her secret all the time, algebra.
Other: She has a ring that when she presses a concealed button on it, it makes the arm of the hand that it's on really strong.


Name: Yeong Navarro
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Siren
Appearance: (FC ref: Stands at around 6’1. In his siren form, his scales are a deep red shade with specs of gold flecked in. He is of Spanish nationality.
Personality: He has a very outgoing personality. He tends to be on the louder and much more open side. He can be flirty if he finds someone he likes. He doesn’t know about major boundaries that someone might have and can be a bit on the touchy side.
Any powers?: Just the basics listed in the description.
Flaws: Doesn’t usually respect personal boundaries, can be a bit full of himself at times, and his loud mouth can get him into trouble at times.
Likes: the ocean, Spain, gold colors/items, and pretty people.
Dislikes: pollution, quiet/antisocial people, fishermen.
Other: N/A

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I don't think it's too late, nobody even started it to be honest. I think everyone is starting to go on break though, so maybe people who are interested can move to a new thread?