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Welcome to my Dragon Rp!
I've got 3 species of dragons: White, Grey, and Black dragons.
They are ranked highest to lowest in social tier: Black, White, and Grey.

Black Dragons

  • Obsidian black scales, white underbellies.
  • Males are split between two types, like some kind of lizard I cant remember: small males and large males. Small ones are similar to females as they are slender and have curlier horns, yet still have wings. Large males are more toned, heavier, and much less agile than their smaller counterparts. Not very smart.
  • females are wingless, but they are less brutish and more cunning than males. Can have a varying degree of iridescence to their scales. Both have forked tongues.
  • Highest rank on social tier (royal/upper class). SMALL MALES ARE P SHUNNED AND LEFT TO LOWER CLASS poor bois

White Dragons

  • pearly white; females and males are almost entirely alike. These dragons have black tonues. As for defense mechanisms, they have the most powerful jaws of the three species and their scales–albeit "soft"–are impressively durable and protective.
  • Middle/Lower class

Grey Dragons

  • basically lizard doggos. Dog tongues and long, soft fur, goatlike noses and kind eyes. As adolescents, their fur can vary in vibrancy and color, but as they age nearly all colors fade out to a neutral, silvery grey tone of their original color. Fur whitens into elder years.
  • really sweet actually. Blessed draggos. They love water and swimming
  • have their seperate society in the swamps outside the city/kingdom of Whites and Blacks, live underground. Their underground home is kept secret from the kingdom ofwhites and blacks.
  • cant breathe fire. However, their blood is poisonous to the other two species, as in it burns whatever it touches. (Obviously greys have an immunity to other greys blood)
  • saliva is really sticky and acts like a bandage when they lick wounds
  • has whiskers like a japanese dragon
  • s w e e t b o i s

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NOTE: I'll make dragon's lifespans from 200-350 years of age or so. Puberty is when grey dragons become colorful, starts at around 16 but lasts until age 30.

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Name: Edmund
Gender: Male
Species: Black dragon
Appearance: (smaller dragon) Cloudy, jade-green eyes. A little lanky. Longer legs.
Persona: Cautious and observant. Keeps to himself. Only prefers the company of close friends. Not shy but doesn't
go out of his way to meet new people. Smart, not ass-hole smart, but brighter than the average bulb
(sometimes). Respectful.
Age: 38


Y'all can make more than 1, if you need another draggo at your disposal at any point in time (I plan on introducing multiple storylines)

Name: Camille DeJong
Gender: Female
Species: White
Appearance: pearly, healthy white, bright blue eyes.
Persona: very exciteable, adorable, kind of annoying. She comes off as incapable and unreliable, but when called to do so, can be very cunning and critical.
Age: 23 (in human years, ~16)

Name: Leviticus Harbinger Martin (Or Levi, if you will)
Gender: Male
Species: Grey
Appearance: dusty silver-grey, sea green eyes, and a grey nose.
Persona: quiet, nervous, intelligent. Scared of the dark. He can get very assertive and upright when someone rubs him the wring way, though. Very particular and corrective.
Age: 28


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May I join? As a black dragon if available? Or a white dragon? I have an agile boi.