forum a roleplay for those who want to roleplay but don't know what to roleplay(2/4)
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i am lonely. i need friends (lmao). plz roleplay with me. i don't know where this will start. i don't know where this will go. i do promise that I will use proper punctuation and capitalization in the actual roleplay, however.


((also i wanna say the first thing the prompt made me thing of was "when i was in the third grade, people treated me like a criminal. BECAUSE I KILLED SOMEBODY"))


Name: Starr Minerva
Age: 19
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: caramel skin, short curly hair in a pixie cut, freckles across her nose, brown eyes, green glasses, asymmetrical earrings, striped long sleeves, red hi-top converse, grey jeans, purple hoodie around her waist.
Personality: sarcastic, passive-aggressive, a bit of a flirt, smart aleck


Name: Riynelle "Riyn" Mastion
Age: 18
Sexuality: Asexual

  • Hair: A really pale blonde, almost white. It's fine, but not too thin, and if the sun hits it right, it can look like melted silver. She usually keeps it up in a ponytail, with some hair falling loose to frame the sides of her face. Let down, it's kind of wavy, and reaches to the bottom of her rib cage.
  • Face: A little bit like a doll's. She's not the most beautiful person in the world, nor does she want to be. She has delicate features, a nose slightly crooked because of all the times its been broken, and plump lips. Her skin is pretty pale, which is unusual for people of her job. She has long lashes and her eyes are a silver-blue color. She has a scar on her right eye from when she was attacked by a wild dog when she was younger. It doesn't affect her vision, though, and it makes her look pretty cool.
  • Body: Slender and scarred. She's about 5'5'', and not super curvy, but not flat, either. Kind of average. She has scars all over her back, arms, and legs, as well as her hands. It's a sight to see.
  • Distinguishing Marks: The scars all across her body, especially on her face. She also has a piercing on her left ear and a tattoo of a wolf on her left thigh, a snake tattoo on her left ankle and lower leg, a crown tattoo on her collarbone and a tribal tattoo on her back.
  • Links: Riyn One, Riyn Two, Riyn Three
  • Usual Clothing: Something revealing, and very easy to move in. Usually, a pair of short shorts, held up by a belt. Her top is a tank top that hangs down in the back, so that her tattoos and scars are all visible. It catches the eye a lot. She also wears boots that lace up to her knees. On her belt, she has several weapons and pouches hanging from it. She has a jacket that she carries, but rarely wears.

Personality: If there was one word to describe Riyn, it would be fierce. She is independant, and hasa quick temper. She can never stand for being insulted, and if she is, then that person is better off dead. She can control her temper if she wants to, but she doesn't usually. She feels like it takes too much energy. She is a bit of a masochist, motivated and moved by pain. She is ruthless, cunning, and never to be underestimated. She is a helpful allyand a deadly enemy. She can be very helpful, but you have to convince her to work with you first. She's pretty loyal, and quick-witted.