forum Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine: Death Game By Majority Roleplay // Group RP! // OPEN!!
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I wanted to do one of these so badly, and I hope someone joins- Also TW for gore, suicide, hallucinations, etc.

Sara Chidouin and her friend Joe Tazuna are kidnapped and forced into playing a Death Game by a mysterious organization. They meet 10 others in the same situation as them, trapped in a facility with no way to escape other than play along. What will happen next? Only time will tell.


  • this rp will have MAJOR spoilers for the entire game! if you haven't seen/played YTTD, please do not join until you have done so!
  • like mentioned earlier, there will be heavy depictions of gore, suicide, hallucinations, etc. if you do not feel comfortable with these topics, please do not join this rp!
  • please do not be mean ooc!!

Main Roles:

Sara Chidouin: Open
Joe Tazuna: Me
Keiji Shinogi: Open
Sou Hiyori: Open
Reko Yabusame: Open
Gonbee Yamada/Alice Yabusame: Open
Nao Egokoro: Open
Kazumi Mishima: Open
Kanna Kizuchi: Open
Kai Satou: Open
Gin Ibushi: Open

Doll Roles:

Sue Miley: Open
Tia Safalin: Open
Rio Ranger: Me

The roleplay will start with how the game itself started, with Sara about to leave her school late at night.

@nebula__ group

(that's okay!! if you're using a phone, you can actually play it on mobile! so i'd recommend playing it for sure! if you're not up for that you can just read the manga <3)