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@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

"Pasta pasta pastapastapasta!!!" Clover chanted and ran towards Frank's house.

"Sorry for zir frank" Eddie said, kinda embarrassed.

"You don't need to apologize." Frank smiled.

"I just want to. I want to make.a good impression" Eddie blushed

Clover did several kartwheeles

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Via was still swearing as they tried to remember anyone's phone number to make sure people were safe. They started banging on the door, despite Wally's advice, screaming for Home or Wally to explain what was going on

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

"PASTA!" Clover jumped through the door. (Autism goes burrrrr)

"Clover, manners" Eddie sighed, he was fighting a losing battle. He felt safe in Frank's house. It was the most comfortable he felt in the past 24 hours.