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I cannot run from my family
They're hiding inside of me
Corpses on ice
Come in if you like
But just don't tell my family
They'd never forgive me
They'd say that I'm crazy

The Doctor has met many people throughout their travels through the universe, many of them whom they deeply cared about. But when it boils down to it, they can't keep running forever.

When universes collide, the Doctor will be forced to confront their past. But what will this mean for the Doctor's friends, and for all Time and Space itself?

Okay so essentially two versions of the Doctor meet, the current canon one (13) and my personal favorite, an alternate 9th Doctor who was supPOSED to be CANON but anyways I'm not salty at all. You will be playing 13, I will be alt!9. Essentially, the multiverse is collapsing for some reason and our Doctors and their current companions need to save it. However, elements of both Doctors' pasts will collide with them in ways that they'd never expect, nor would they particularly care to think about. AKA, trauma time! Knowledge of classic and extended canon is helpful but also you can just be familiar with New Who and I can explain characters along the way.