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Really feeling something like this right now… Based on this prompt!

Honestly, if I could? I’d become a Pokemon trainer. I could leave this place, and I could be with all my friends...

So, basically! Our characters have all left home to go on a Pokemon adventure for some reason or another and happen upon each other. I don't really have a plan as far as plot other then "fite gem get badge"(and if your character has a different journey motivation, that's totally welcome too), but that'll really be the background–this RP is mostly going to focus on our characters and their interactions with one another. It'd be cool if we had an encounter with a Legendary, but that would happen later on in the plot if at all. No evil teams–unless you guys really want one, in which case I can deliver–just a bunch of kids having a good time.


  • Be polite, even if your character isn't.
  • Considering this is found family, I don't think there would really be romance, but if you want your character to be involved with another character, make sure their RPer consents. And should anything,,, steamy,,, happen, take it to the DMs. There are lots of people who aren't comfy with that, myself included.
  • Since it's Pokemon, there's gonna be violence, but try not to describe things too graphically.
  • Don't force hits on other characters or their Pokemon. Alternatively, don't just not allow yourself to get hit.
  • Don't! Be! Overpowered!
  • As always, Andrew's rules apply
  • EDIT: I'm not really fond of the "talking Pokemon partner" thing, so this is just going to be a group of trainers.
  • EDIT: Wow, I can't believe I forgot to add this in, it's a huge pet peeve of mine… anyways, no one-liners. I get that making a super long reply isn't always possible, but please try to make your reply at least 2-3 lines long.


Reason for Leaving:
Pokemon Team(start with 1-3, we're just starting out):


(I'd actually kind of prefer not to do anything like that, sorry! Should've put that in the rules. You're welcome to RP a trainer with a pokemon that they can communicate with(like certain Psychic types or a Riolu/Lucario via telepathy or something to that effect), though. If you do that, though, I'd rather it just be between your character and the pokemon? Idk, the whole talking pokemon thing is a little…unappealing to me, I guess? I don't really know. Sorry!)


(Dr.Dolittle is a movie in which a doctor discovers he can speak to animals. No one else can understand the animals, just him, and I believe no one could understand him when he speaks to the animals either.)


Name: Eira

Age: 12 & 3 months

Gender/Pronouns: Female (She/Her)

Appearance: Eira has a rather unique appearance; having long and wavy platinum blonde hair that looks almost white and one pale green eye (left) and one wintry blue eye (right). Her skin is incredibly pale and she has pitch black freckles dotting her cheeks and arms. Eira wears a black sleeveless turtleneck jumpsuit; white socks, which you can't she when she wears her boots; black biker boots and black finger-less gloves.

Personality: Despite her tough look, she's actually really friendly. She gets along with both Pokemon and humans, though most of her friends are Pokemon; Eira is also an ambrivert, though she can often lean more towards the introverted side. She also tends to be a little bit reckless and her human friends think she'll die doing something dumb. Eira is completely unaware that her ability isn't normal, as she just thinks it's something everyone can do. She also has no idea why people would want to do bad stuff and, through stories of evil teams from the past, is dumbfounded that humans can do such. Eira, being the person she is, refuses to use poke-balls at all and just allows Pokemon to tag along with her if they want to.

Reason for Leaving: Eira had a bad relationship with her mom, who absolutely hated Pokemon, and left to escape the yelling and befriend Pokemon.

Backstory(optional): Eira was born with the exotic ability to hear and sense the thoughts and emotions of Pokemon. She was also born to and raised by her human mother, Amelia, and not having a dad. For many years of her life, Eira was locked in her house and kept unaware of the mere existence of Pokemon. When she was 6, she managed to sneak out of her house and met the Pokemon who is currently her partner Pokemon. A very young Sneasel, around the same age as her, was sitting outside the house and Eira started to talk to her. Eira found it nice to finally have a friend, be it a human or a creature she didn't even know existed until then. She didn't manage to sneak back in in time for her mother to get home from work and was yelled at. Ever since then, until age 10, she would sneak out through her bedroom window to talk to the Sneasel and would be yelled at. At at 10, she got enough courage to sneak out a little further and would begin to sneak out everyday for the 4 hours her mother was at work and then head back to the window and get yelled at. In doing this, she made more than just one friend, though most of them were Pokemon. At age 12, she had had enough of the yelling and needless confining and ran away with the Sneasel. Since then, she hasn't managed to catch a single Pokemon or win a single badge in the three months that she's been a trainer.

Pokemon Team(start with 1-3, we're just starting out): A female Sneasel, who Eira calls Dark-Frost
(Here she is, hope she's good.)


(And here's my character!)

Name: Liana "Lee" Garrett
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: Female; she/her
Appearance: Lee's skin is a little bit tanned, and she has freckles dotting her face. She has caramel brown eyes and strawberry blonde hair that reaches about a quarter way down her back when down. Her outfit consists of a yellow tank-top underneath a pink-orange button-down shirt, black jeans, and yellow and white converse. Lee also wears a red scarf, yellow dangly star earrings, and ties her hair back with a pink-orange bow. Her bag is a large brown leather one that her father gave her when she first set out on her journey.
Personality: Lee is excitable, sweet, and stubborn as a Mudbray. When she sets her mind to something, she won't quit until she's seen it through–for better or for worse. She's a bit naive and may seem childish at times, but she's not totally helpless and seems to have experience getting out of sticky situations based on her own misgivings. Lee absolutely loves stories in any format. Written, spoken, even songs, she's a sucker for all of them. She's got both a mischievous streak and a dramatic streak as well.
Reason for Leaving: Her parents sent her out to earn all the gym badges and try to toughen herself up. Lee's goal is not only to do that, but to also succeed as a performer.
Backstory: Lee comes from a wealthy family of successful Pokemon trainers. They value strength, toughness, and ability on the battlefield. Most of them see things like contests and showcases as a waste of time, both for the Pokemon and the coordinator or performer. Liana, however, saw a commercial for a showcase when she was young and decided that that was what she wanted to do. Her family, obviously, was very against the idea. They didn't want to raise some weak, wimpy performer! Lee's dream refused to be crushed, though, and she sought to prove to them that she could be both a strong trainer and a dazzling performer. Her parents took her to Pokemon safaris, tournaments, wild areas, and every effort to change what she wanted to do only fanned her flame further.
Pokemon Team: Blitz(Growlithe, female), Edmund(Honedge, male), Raymond/"Ray"(Ralts, male). Blitz and Edmund are frequently outside their pokeballs, but due to his timid nature, Raymond tends to stay inside of his ball.


Name: Stanley "Stan" Callager
Age: 14
Gender/Pronouns: Male; he/him
Appearance: Stan is short for his age at a measly 5"2', with a skinny build and next to no muscle to boot. His hair and eyes are both a dark brown, with the former being kept trimmed close to his scalp in a messy, no-effort kind of style. He often wears just a simple light turquoise, long sleeve shirt and khaki short with a matching blue pair of trainers. He always has small sashes corresponding to the colors of his pokémon tied around his arm (when he's wearing the light turquoise shirt, for example, the two sashes he'll wear on his arm will be pink and gold for Mienfoo and Poochyena). Picture.
Personality: He tires easily, but has a kind heart and tries his best to keep up with his team and his friends. He's often more cautious than others his age, but he's known to have certain moments of stupidity. In general Stan's a definite introvert, but he still loves spending time with friends and pokémon alike, and he gets incredibly excited when he learns something new that interests him.
Reason for Leaving: His primary reasons for leaving were to learn about pokémon from experience, sightsee and make new friends.
Backstory: He's led a fairly tame life. His parents both work for a pokémon researcher named Professor Fir, from who he received his starter pokémon, Bulbasaur. Up until he left on his journey, Stan was also a huge contributor to the professor's lab, hence his abundant knowledge concerning pokémon.
Team: Bulbasaur ("Basil"), Poochyena ("Fang'), Mienfoo ("Lotus")

(Idk how you feel about shinies, but hopefully it's okay that his Poochyena is? If not I can change it no biggie)


(I don't mind them, but I'm gonna say that at max your character can have one shiny Pokemon. Just because they're so rare, y'know. The next thing we have to do is decide where this takes place. I'm good with pretty much any region other than Sinnoh(not that I hate it, I've just never played any games set there and am pretty unfamiliar). As far as preferences, Johto and Unova are my top two. I'm doing an Alpha Sapphire nuzlocke right now too, so Hoenn's also up there. What about you guys, any preferences? Also the region we're in won't affect the Pokemon you can catch, just make sure the encounter happens in a plausible area(i.e. no Maractus at the bottom of the ocean or Sunflora in a volcano lmao). )


(Awesome, and thanks! I'm not very familiar with any regions pre gen 6, but I can figure it out via maps and the internet. Asides from that, I don't really have a preference!)


(I'm most familiar with the Kanto and Alola regions; however, I'm okay with any region and can use the internet to look up whatever I need to know.)


(Okay, so I'm not super familiar with Kalos–it's been a while–and honestly I've been in a enough Alola RPs that it just feels old I guess? And ironically I'm really not familiar with Kanto(blasphemy I know), so… Galar? Would that work? Sorry I took a while to respond, I had some technical difficulties and then forgot ^^')