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There will come a soldier who carries a mighty sword… He will tear your city down, oh lei oh lai oh lord…

There will come a poet whose weapon is her word… She will slay you with her tongue, oh lei oh lai oh lord…

There will come a ruler whose brow is laid in thorn… He will tear your city down, oh lei oh lai oh lord…


Welcome to this RP! It's been a while, but I'm back and I'm ready to roleplay! And this time, we're going with my newest hyper-fixation: The Legend of Zelda! I'm not particularly sure how I want to play this out, other than I want to have good!Ganondorf be a thing and possibly a modern AU? If everyone's okay with that? I've got a few rules that I want to put out there, though, so please read those!


  • Absolutely no NSFW stuff. Romance is definitely allowed, but let's keep it from getting too saucy. Bitches be uncomfy with that. I'm bitches.
  • Obviously, language is permitted, but don't go too overboard. I'm trusting that you know how much is acceptable, but if it gets excessive then I or another RPer will probably let you know. :)
  • Canon-typical violence, but don't get too graphic. We don't need to know exactly how badly your character slaughtered that monster, thank you very much.
  • Be classy to each other! It's okay if the characters aren't too fond of each other, but keep it in RP. We're all friends here, right?
  • I'm not super picky about response length, but try not to make your replies super short, please? Unless the situation calls for it, of course.
  • If things get inactive for a week, don't be afraid to bump! I tend to get super busy and forget about things and I'm sure that other people do the same. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder!
  • All of Andrew's rules apply here. We don't want to go breaking any site rules, after all.

That was a lot more than I thought I'd have, but thank you for reading them! I think I'm gonna post the character sheet later, once we figure out whether or not this will be modern.


Link: Cloudy
Zelda: @Froosty-Snawmn
Ganondorf: @SwimwithGamers


Awesome, now we have our trio! I guess the next order of business is discussing whether or not we go modern or not, so I'll pitch my idea and see what you guys think.

Basically, modern!Hyrule would probably be a Constitutional Monarchy like England(I'm not the best with politics so if you guys want to give suggestions be my guest) where technology is at modern standards, obviously, and most magic has kind of faded into myth–for the most part, only children see creatures like koroks or minish, and even then, not very many of them see them. Gorons, Zora, Rito, and Gerudo still exist, but they don't just stick to certain areas like they do in the games. Hylians and the other races mingle a lot more than in the games. I like the idea that the Gerudo Desert isn't actually a part of the kingdom of Hyrule and is a part of a Gerudo country on its own?

I tried to keep things dealing with your characters as loose as I could, in case you guys had things you wanted to use. And again, we don't even have to go modern if you don't want to.


…I should probably clarify, Fraust is the first person I asked, and now we have our Zelda! I'm gonna get a character sheet up just because I want to get that out of the way, but I won't actually fill it out until we have the modern thing decided.


Don't feel like you have to fill it out just yet! We still have to make sure everyone's on the same page. Personally I'm leaning more towards modern?? But like still with adventure and stuff, just in a modern setting but if you guys aren't down with that then that's cool too


Modern sounds fine! Are we having shipping? If yes, then with who lol
I'm fine with Zelda being with Goodendorf or Link, so I'm flexible!


Sounds like we're going modern, then! As for shipping, I'm down(obviously lol) and I'd be okay with Link getting with Zelda, Ganondorf, or both if you want to do that? I've never written a poly romance before tbh


Like, a healthy poly relationship would be hella cute 👉👈
(I actually read a webcomic with a healthy poly relationship and it's the cutest thing-)
I'll go ahead and fill out the temp as well as I can ^^


Name: Zelda
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Romance?: Ee yes

Personality: I'll probably leave most of this as develop, but I'd think that Zelda would be charming, intelligent/wise (triforce and all aha), and kinda emotionally and physically demanding. She likes attention but she isn't really that much of a bitch about it lmao
Other:I want her to have a cat that looks like this >:0 and its name is Tetra because I do what I want


I love she!!! Tetra that cat is amazing too!! And yeah I'm actually reading a fic focused on a poly relationship rn and it's aaaa so if Swim's down then I guess that's that!

Working on my boi right now and I am. Infuriated with the picrews I've been dealt. Why wouldn't it have a green hoodie option??? :/

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

I've wanted one for so long but my only one that ever went anywhere died ;-;

I'll probably get my temp up later, but no guarantees for today, my dad's in a mood so I might disappear randomly


Anyways, here's my boi

Name: Kayden "Link" Lincoln
Gender: M
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bi
Romance?: Sure!
Appearance: Link has blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders, loose in the front and up in a very messy bun in the back. His skin is pretty fair and he has old scars all over his arms and legs from being a little too reckless when he was younger. It's still fairly uncommon for him not to have a few scrapes. His eyes are bright blue. Link is about average height and at first glance might seem scrawny, but he's actually fairly muscular. The type of "you'd never guess he's able to kick your ass" build, I guess. His outfit consists of a green short-sleeved hoodie, generally worn open over a blue tee-shirt with a white Triforce symbol on it, ripped-up black jeans, and green converse-style shoes. His brown leather bag could almost be considered a part of his appearance, since he never goes anywhere without it. He also wears a singular blue earring in his left ear and a necklace with a gold triangle pendant.
Personality: Link often acts first and thinks while in the middle of the act. He's very kind, has a strong moral compass, and won't hesitate to speak out if he believes something is wrong or unfair. He also has almost no filter. Despite the fact that he's extremely talkative, Link is a surprisingly good listener. His advice, on the other hand, is pretty hit-or-miss. He's a very emotional person in general. He has a very hard time dealing with not being able to help in any situation. One of Link's "tells" when he's upset is that he doesn't talk nearly as much.
Other: Link lives with his father, who owns a small corner store. His parents' divorce is a pretty sore subject. He likes to explore the woods and is very fond of animals, especially wild ones. He's always been able to see creatures that most can't(I think it'd be cool if Zelda and Ganondorf could too, but I'll leave that up to you), but mostly keeps it to himself after frequently being made fun of for it. He's into mythology, kind of like the modern LOZ version of "I read Percy Jackson and now love Greek mythology now".