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They awoke in the dark. It was hard for Quinn to see, as her eyes had not yet adjusted to the dark. One would think, with an aunt who practically lives in the dark, her eyes would be well adjusted by now. But no, they weren't. Mostly because, unlike what most people thought, Quinn De Spell did not live with her Aunt. Her hands moved around, as she grabbed something. It felt like clothing. And then she felt flesh. She jerked her hand back with a scream and tried to calm herself down. Whatever was in the dark room with her felt dead. She only hoped that wasn't the case and her companion was still alive, but simply just knocked out.

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Loww rubbed his head. The room was dark but he knew he wasn't alone in there. He stood up shakily and squinted, trying to make out the face of the person. His cloak was covered in dirt and other debris. He could make out the face. Magica? Wait, no… too young… It's a De Spell alright… He huffed. "Who are you? Why are we here? Did you do this? Who put you up to this?" Loww said, still trying to make out the face of who he thought was the captor.
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"Me?" Quinn asked incredulously, as she stood up and tried to make out the face of her companion. "You really think I would dare try to do something like this? I'm not…some sort of villain." She huffed as she crossed her arms. "I'm Quinn. And just like you, I'm not sure where we are." She paused and narrowed her eyes at the duck in front of her. "And how do I know that you weren't the one who did this? Hm?"