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Shuichi was heading to class. He sighed softly as he left, exhausted and still not done with all of his assignments. He'd been running off of nothing but coffee for a few days by then, staying up throughout the night to finish his schoolwork. He felt like nothing had been finished, that there was still so much to do. He had just gathered his stuff before heading to class. He'd work more there.

"I need to get to class…" he murmured, barely awake by then.

Lost in thought and barely awake, he had no idea that others were in the hallways around him. He was focused on his work and remaining awake. He only snapped out of them when he ran into another student.

"Ow…" he mumbled as he fell backwards. "Sorry…!"

(Because, if I'm being honest, Shuichi overworking himself like this is basically canon. Anyways, cue Kiibo)


Shuichi sighed as he got back up. He quickly made sure that he had all of his papers before heading to class. He saw Kiibo in the distance, but he didn't interact.

"I can't be late…" he muttered to himself as he started running. "I better have all of my papers here… If I don't it's not gonna end well…"

He was exhausted from days with no sleep, but his desire to be a good student stopped him from acknowledging it. He just ran, wanting to reach class before the bell rang. He would mutter to himself about being late, though it was strange that he was in such a hurry. Classes didn't start for another five minutes, yet he was acting as if they started in thirty seconds.


Shuichi arrived at his class and quickly sat in his seat. As soon as he did, he started going through his papers until he found an unfinished assignment.

"I need to finish this…" he sighed softly as he grabbed a pencil. "Class is about to start, but I have to do this…"

He went back to working, trying to finish his homework before the end of class. It brought him a lot of stress since he realized that the assignment was due that class period, but he kept working, trying to get it done.

(For plot convenience reasons, let's just have them have a class together and interact there)


Shuichi didn't notice the other, as he was focused on his homework. His mumbling to himself only continued as he kept working.

"Come on…! This is supposed to be easy… Why can't I do this…? Why am I so dumb today…?"

It seemed that as the stress continued, his desire to finish his homework also led to him taking things out on himself as he'd just insult himself after messing up.


Shuichi looked up at the other once he heard him. "Huh?" he asked softly, not knowing what he said. "Sorry, I was zoned out. What were you trying to tell me?"


"Ah. Thank you," Shuichi replied. "I don't know how I didn't figure that out on my own. Thank you for your help."

He went back to working after that, falling back into silence. As the class period went on, he eventually laid his head on his desk. He was exhausted to the point that he couldn't even hide it. He still tried to do his work, but he was too exhausted to do much. As the class period ended, he stood up, all of his stuff with him. However, due to all of the exhaustion, he didn't even take a step forward before he collapsed, hitting the ground quickly with a thud.


Shuichi was surprised when the other rushed to catch him. "H-huh…?" he asked softly. "Wh-what's happening…?"

He was far too exhausted to fully process that he had just collapsed, his consciousness slowly fading away as he spoke.


Shuichi sighed softly. "I…I have work to do… That's why I haven't slept, but I've been fine until now…so surely I can force myself to deal with this…"