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Name: Min Sun-mi
Parents: Unnamed as of right now
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Quirk: Ice Neko! In short, she can create things out of ice and use them! She also has cat ears and some catlike abilities!
Hero name: I need to change this, but currently the Ice Archer.
Appearance: She's about 5'6, pale, and has white hair that fades into a cyan, kept in pigtails. She also has cyan eyes. I'm in the process of redesigning her, so sorry for this being vague.
Personality: Sun-mi is a confident and determined person. She is proud of her abilities and strives to use them for good. She is an incredibly hard worker, as well, due to a strong desire to achieve her goals.
She is also a creative person, coming up with solutions and strategies for any situation, even if they are strange. She is sometimes very logical and clever as well.
She's sweet, optimistic, and caring as well. She can put a smile on anyone's face. She worries a lot deep down, but she tries to keep everyone positive.
Sun-mi is also very protective and sometimes impulsive. When she isn't pretending to have optimism for the sake of others in dire situations, she can be very emotional as well.
In short, this woman kins Kaito Momota and has hints of other characters as well.
Motivations: To help people, to better the world, and her brother, Min Tae
Strengths: Good at strategy when calm, strong both physically and mentally
Weaknesses: Stubborn, can be clouded by emotions
Sexuality: Pan

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Name: Addialyin Bakugo
Parents: Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Quirk: One for All
Hero name: Isamu
Appearance: Has blonde hair with green stripes, eyes are a mix of Green, red and blue, is 5,10, wears a black and purple Hoodie and Blue ripped jeans, has tall Black boots with rainbow color hearts and has decortive chains on my jeans and boots
Personality: Idk yet
Motivations: Idk yet
Strengths: Idk yet
Weaknesses: None
Sexuality: Bisexual

Still thinking on some of them -^-//

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Name: Mia Yim
Parents: Unknown
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Quirk: Cherry blossoms come out of her hands (Dont know what to call it)
Hero name: Cherry
Appearance: Blue and Black hair, 5'7, brownish eyes, darker skin
Personality: Courage, loyalty, honesty, kind, sincere
Motivations: Dont know yet
Strengths: Dont know
Weaknesses: Don't know
Sexuality: Lesbian/Asexual

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Ok and can someone rp as my dad Bakuguo please))

"Dad I'll be ok I promise, I always wanted to go there -^-"

Deku: "But were worried.."

"Ik but I'll be ok ^^"

Deku: "Mmm…" >Hugs me and bakuguo<

"Papa I'll be ok ^^"

Deku: >crys a bit< "…"