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Okay, so @WoodlandCryptid and I were in a different PJO RP, but then we realized it was not suited to our level of experience. (We’re both very high level writers…)
So we wanted to make another one. Our characters are outcasts of the camp, after the war ended, and want to stage a revolution against the camp and create a new one in defiance against the prejudices held against them.

We ask for an example of past writing, and that you write a minimum of two sentences that are plot driving each time you respond.

Everyone who can write elaborately or well is encouraged to ask to join!

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Let me grab Nikoli from the old rp, you want me to grab Mel as well?

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Name: Mel (ironically meaning “fearless”) Bjornsen
Age: 17
Gender: Gender Fluid
Sexuality: Pansexual
Godly Parent: Phobos (god of phobias and fear)
Weapon(s): a sling-shot that they tend to use to throw Greek fire satchels, but will also use a mop is if they are fighting close range.
Powers (if any): can immediately tell what someone’s greatest fear is by touching their skin [it’s more effective and clearer if they manage to touch their head] and can make people hallucinate things that will trigger terror.
Appearance: Dark purple hair that was dyed black by their mortal father before they were brought to Camp Half-Blood out of fear that someone would take his child away because they were strange so their tips are still black and it’s cut into an undercut with a punk inspired comb-over. They have cobalt blue eyes that tend to unintentionally strike fear into people’s hearts if they don’t know them, but when they take time to understand them, they look friendly, bright, and happy. Skin is a sickly pale, and their body is skinny and lanky, which tricks people into thinking they’re weak, but in reality they’re about as strong as an Ares or Hephaestus kid.
Personality: Is actually a very friendly person who’s powers and godly parent cause them pain because no one will talk to them unless they want his help with capture the flag or other such games, but even then, they don’t trust them. But they’re honestly just a sweetheart who wants to help and be nice. But they’ve given up on being friends with anyone and since they’re the only child of Phobos at camp, they’re even alone in their cabin, of which the decorations scare everyone away. (The decorations weren’t his decision…)
Short Backstory: They were created by a union between a man who attracted the attention of Phobos in more ways than his mental health and of course Phobos. Don’t ask for the details. Gods are weird. After being tormented by Phobos, the mortal man received Mel, whom he ended up loving to the point where his greatest fear was that they’d be killed or hurt, which caused them to be homeschooled until they were in the 10th grade, where they were finally allowed to go to public school after much fighting with their mortal father. There, they were avoided due to the mortals sensing the waves of their power and their scary looks. Nobody noticed their hair was naturally purple due to trying to stay as far away from them as possible. The satyr assigned to their school almost passed over them because he avoided the teen due to fear. But the satyr was given a sign by Phobos to take him to Camp Half-Blood. Chiron wasn’t all that surprised that the kid hadn’t been attacked by monsters, as they apparently had scared them away every time they got close just by their aura of fear. Now they’re just trying to fit in, and learn what happened in all the battles after the guy Percy Jackson had been around, while carving out a place for themself, calling their mortal father on the regular from Chiron’s office to reassure him they’re safe. They had scared all the kids in the Hermes cabin by accident while they were there before their father claimed them, so Hermes kids avoid them at all costs. Is very useful for border patrol, and is put on duty there often.

(There's Mel

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Name: Nikoli (Nick-Ol-I) Reigo
Age: 17
Gender: Genderqueer
Sexuality: They don't really have a label for it.
Godly Parent: Nyx
Weapon(s): A battle axe and a few small throwing ones
Powers (if any): They can draw up the shadows into their hands and smooth it around the place, to make like a blanket of night. They can't shadow travel, but they can do this thing they dubbed shadow stepping, which is when they stay in or close enough to the shadows to remain basically invisible. There are some other little powers, but those are the main ones.
Appearance: Nikoli has long black hair that reaches to a bit longer than their shoulders, there are some noticeable strands that look silver and the black itself looks like it's oil and reflects light. Their eyes a light brown and their pupils are larger than a normal persons. Their clothing's aesthetic changes almost daily, but they won't be caught dead in the orange shirt of doom (as they have dubbed it).
Personality: They're a bit strange, I won't lie. They hold their head up high and seem to be very proud, but they're also a bit chaotic. They can get really caught up in the moment and often end up scaring people by going from -_- to >83.
Short Backstory: They don't really talk about it… They were found at a gas station near the canadian border just sitting in the shadows of the ice cream freezer and stealing food. They wouldn't say how long they had been there. When they got to camp, every assumed they were a Hades kid because they were very held back and a bit scary when they first got there. They didn't really talk and didn't speak a full sentence. It took about a month before they showed one of their powers, they got really panicked because of something so they took all the shadows in the Hermes cabin and made the entire room pitch black as they hid under a bunk. It stayed like that for almost an entire day, Chiron came in, but literally couldn't figure out where the hell Nikoli was and had to leave. This just strengthened everyone's thoughts that "Yep, this is a Hades kid, no doubt about it." However, after a bit they left the cabin (being very skittish, I might add) because there was an entire galaxy above their head and their eyes now held a silver crescent moon inside their wide pupils. They quietly said, in the first full sentence they had spoken at camp. "She said it was okay to come out."

(And my kid!)

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Should we tag Sierra's writer and see if they want to join?


(Totally fine, I don't mind supplying one! My responses typically range between this:

Davin smirked a little bit, then pressed his mouth to Tohru's. His mouth tasted of alcohol and strawberries, sweet and bitter all at the same time. He could feel Tohru's hand in his hair, knew that the other male was starting to get dangerously close to his horns, but he didn't care. He didn't.

and this:

Jamie was helping his father get everything ready. He lit the candles, ensured that the hymnals were in place, opened curtains. The church wasn't a large one, but it was big enough to fit everyone it needed to, and that was all that mattered. He pulled on a nice jacket over his white shirt and waistcoat, using a dark green ribbon to tie his hair back in a low ponytail.
"James." his father said from where he stood in the pulpit, dressed in the garments he wore every time he preached. "I want you to keep an eye on that Holland family, if they bother to show up." by the tone in his voice, it was obvious that the reverend did not expect the Holland's to actually show up.
Jamie nodded a little. "Of course, father." he replied. Within a few minutes, the congregation began to arrive, trickling to their seats or standing in clumps to talk to each other. Those who would be assisting with the music headed towards the front, and Jamie greeted people at the door, a chipper smile plastered to his face. He hated having to greet everyone, but his father made him. He hated being here in general; the church always felt like a prison, like he was slowly suffocating to death inside of it, while his father watched.

I do my best to match my partners responses)

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Looks good to me! Feel free to start filling out a form, note that the characters are from minor gods or kids who sided against the camp in the wars

@Becfromthedead group

(Ah, this looks like a great time. I've had similar issues in the past with PJO rps which is why I stopped joining them. I'd be happy to leave a writing sample if thats okay.)

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It is!
I don't think you'd need an rp sample since you came from the original rp, but I'll leave that up to Whisper

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I'm gonna post one from a different rp I did a little bit ago:

Kay groaned and put her small pillow over her head. She peaked an eye out the edge, looking right over at Hem who was wincing and holding his ears.

"Curse Lizzy and her whistle," Kay muttered. The assassin sat up, letting the pillow slide from her face and fall in her lap. She knew she would have to get up soon, Lizzy wasn't bluffing when she said she would dump water on them. Kay laughed remembering Lizzy and Sato filling up a large bucket and dumping it on Kay and Hem. "C'mon Hem," Kay mumbled, getting to her feet. She stretched, letting out an inhuman noise as she tightened and relaxed her muscles. Kay tied her shoes up and put her cloak on over her gray tunic.

Kay exited the tent to see Lizzy pestering Evan to get up. The princess's words seemed to have to effect on the boy. He probably turned off his hearing. Kay looked over to the second tent, she jumped a little bit when she saw the blue-haired girl still sleeping on- Evan's jacket? Ammie stirred and sat up, her icy blue eyes immediately locking onto the assassin's silver ones. So many words were exchanged between the two women without either of them moving their lips. Kay slowly nodded, a sign of peace. Ammie also nodded. For now they would tolerate each other.

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well with that you're deff in, just post Sierra's form from the other rp and we're golden

@larcenistarsonist group

Name: Sierra Quinten
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Godly Parent: Hecate
Weapon(s): Magical Daggers
Powers (if any): Can manipulate the Mist and create magical daggers (but each dagger she makes shaves 1 hour off her life span)
Appearance: Dark, dark brown hair that goes down to her waist. Pretty pale, but not like vampire pale. Violet eyes, dark eyebrows, and pointy features. She usually wears a flannel and/or leather jacket over a band t-shirt, ripped jeans, and Doc Martens or high tops.
Personality: Pretty quiet and keeps to herself, but she's not shy. Won't hesitate to call someone out or fight someone if necessary. Not a people person, but won't turn into a flustery mess if you talk to her. Pretty bitter and spiteful when it comes to certain topics. Not one to show affection, but if she talks to you, that's enough to let you know she tolerates you.
Short Backstory: Her grandparents on her dad's side were children of Nike and Nemesis, but since their cabins weren't a thing, they spent 15 years in the Hermes cabin. Her grandparents moved away from CHB and had Sierra's dad. They taught him that the gods were bad people who never cared for their children and Sierra's dad learned to hate the gods. One day a monster broke into Sierra's grandparent's house and killed them both. Sierra's dad HATED the gods, but little did he know that he fell in love with one. After Hecate left him with Sierra, the dad figured out who the mother of his child was. He left Sierra in the woods as an infant, when a satyr found her and brought her to CHB. Sierra lived in the Hermes cabin until about a year before the Battle of Manhattan, when she left to join Luke's side. She was 12 and spent all of those years in the Hermes cabin just like her grandparents. She met Ethan Nakamura and became good friends with him, but after he died, she went rouge. Eventually she wound back up at CHB, but she was an outcast because she was on Luke's side in the war.

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Just a few different responses of various lengths:

Cyrus felt the breath leave his lungs, and his grip on the gun loosened. He tried to search for words, but when he started to speak, he felt like he was choking and got nothing out.
Cyrus stared blankly out the door into Marx's dark eyes. They were different, yet so much like Lazarus'. So full of hate, and that sort of superiority that lead one believe that everyone else was their mere puppet. Silently he hoped Marcus would finish deescalating the encounter, as Cyrus was stuck in a state where he couldn't move nor speak.

Tohru let out a shaky sigh. Davin was in a vulnerable situation right now. It would be so easy to just turn him in and take the money, but it felt so wrong to do so. He hovered his hands over the controls, contemplating a change in course, but eventually decided against it.
After making sure the ship was on autopilot, Tohru leaned back in his seat, looking out the window. He began to nod off.

Cyrus had fallen asleep pretty easily, since he was so exhausted. Yet, the sleep itself was fitful. He tossed and turned as much as his hurting body allowed.
Fragments of nightmares also crept their way into his mind. They were indistinct at first, but as he fell deeper into sleep, he realized he was standing in his house, knife in hand.
There was a bloody set of footprints behind him. Not remembering what came before, he retraced his steps to the scene. He expected to see his father's corpse again, expected to be disgusted once again at what he'd done. But it was much worse.
Lying on the floor in front of him, with thirty-something stab wounds was Marcus.
His heart sped up.
Oh God, oh God… what have I done?
He leaned down to cradle the others' body, in futile hope that he could somehow bring the life back into his body.

It was about three in the morning when Cyrus woke up suddenly, panic forming a pit in his stomach. He was disoriented, and couldn't remember where he was at first, especially since he was distracted by the pounding of his own heart and the sharp chest pain that set in.
He found himself gasping for breath as he sat upright.
The sudden motion tore one of the stitches in his side, but he was already so far from his body, he barely even noticed.