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It had been almost sixteen years since akumatizations had stopped. Everybody took this as a sign that Hawk Moth had finally given up in his quest for the miraculouses, but the heroes of Paris weren't so sure. After two years and a half, most of the heroes returned their miraculouses to Ladybug, except for Bunnix and Cat Noir. Everything was calm and everyone could finally live in peace. Until Hawk Moth returned. At first, Ladybug and Cat Noir thought it was the same one they had fought years ago until it became obvious it wasn't. This version was more powerful than the original Hawk Moth, and unlike the other one, this one was a girl. While the new Hawk Moth demanded to be called by her predecessor's name, the Parisians instead started calling her Papillion instead of Hawk Moth, and so she changed her name to Papillion.

With her former friends retired, Ladybug, Bunnix, and Cat Noir recruited people to become a new generation of superheroes. Alongside Cat Noir and Bunnix, Ladybug and her new allies embark on a mission; to protect Paris and defeat the new Hawkmoth. And surprisingly enough, they sometimes get help from a Sentimonster…and other times, there's a Sentimonster to defeat…

Much to Papillion's frustration, the current holder of the Peacock miraculous never seems to help her, and the heroes have quickly caught up on that piece of information.

  • Almost all CHINESE miraculouses are available. The Ladybug, Cat, Bunny, Butterfly, and Peacock miraculouses are unavailable.
  • Native American miraculouses are unavailable at this time
  • Marinette is the Guardian of the Miraculous, with Alya being the follow-up guardian
  • Marinette, Adrien, and Alix are still in possession of their miraculouses.
  • Gabriel Agreste no longer owns the Butterfly miraculous, but it somehow has made its way to Lila
  • Gabriel Agreste had been Hawk Moth for only six years before he "retired"
  • Nathalie still owns the Peacock miraculous, and much to her amusement, it seems that someone in her household is helping the heroes, but at the same time annoying them by occasionally creating Sentimonsters…
  • The new generation of superheroes can be the children of canon characters or not. It is entirely up to you.

The rules are… just follow Andrew's RP rules, and everything will be peachy. AH! And LGBTQ+ characters are welcomed :D
I will post a template when someone decides to join.


@Mosis_graduated_8th_grade!! - Fox Miraculous
@Laffy-Taffy-Is-Gay-For-Mayura - Bee Miraculous

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Hehe, just a bit of information on how Lila gets the Butterfly miraculous. Maybe I'll link a fanart of Lila as Hawk Moth that could be her new appearance. >:D

Lila Rossi was a pupil of Hawk Moth in the past. It didn't take long for her to figure out that Gabriel Agreste was Hawk Moth. Knowing the anger and power Lila had inside her and because Lila could reveal that he was Hawk Moth at any moment, Gabriel personally taught her, and soon enough she became like a sidekick for Hawkmoth. She would occasionally fight Ladybug and the other heroes, but no one knew she was Lila. When Lila found out that Hawk Moth's latest victim was his last victim, she was outraged and stole the Butterfly miraculous from where he had hidden it and replaced it with a fake, knowing that the disappearance of the miraculous would alarm him. She mysteriously disappeared after stealing the butterfly miraculous and after a week following her disappearance, Gabriel found out that someone had stolen his miraculous and replaced it with a fake. He suspected that it was Lila who did it, but there wasn't much that could be done, seeing as no one knew her whereabouts. Sixteen years later, Lila and a new Hawk Moth appeared. And Gabriel Agreste braced himself for the pure madness that was about to occur. Silently wishing Ladybug and Cat Noir good luck against their new rival, Gabriel Agreste watches the show from the safety of his home.

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Quite so, my good friend! I'll get up a template soon enough

I suppose with the release of Season four and the Shangai special, you have some bit of motivation to continue watching, eh?

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Ah, yes. Sorry, i was distracted with Summer School


Age (13-17):


Activated: (try to find an official photo of it)
Ability: (what it is and how it works)
Transforming words: (In & out)

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Name: Andromeda Persephone Agreste

Nicknames: Andi, Annie, Anna, Rommie, Dree, Meda, Percy, Sephie

Parents: Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie Sancouer (because I fucking can UwU)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Appearance: Andromeda has shoulder-length black hair, that some people mistake for a dark blue. She has light blue eyes and freckles around her face. She wears golden glasses and a white headband. For a fourteen-year-old, she quite tall. She stands around 5'5, a bit taller than her brothers. Then again, said brothers are only ten, so it's quite normal.


Personality: Andromeda is normally a sweet girl, but when provoked, she can be quite scary. It's a good idea to stay out of her way when she's in one of her moods. While she's normally all fun and games, she can be serious when needed. She's constantly saying puns (which annoys Ladybug to death, but Chat Noir just smirks and joins in), and will ocassionally only talks sarcasm.

Likes: Fantasy stories, Harry Potter (book series, but she likes the movies as well) writing, modeling, decorating her bedroom in whatever aesthetic she's stuck on, Her father, her mother, Pollen, Duusu, Adrien, Chat Noir, Bunnyx, saying puns, being rude to Ladybug, pastries, her little brothers Abraxas and Septimus (they're twins, both of them have blonde hair), baking, her friends, reading reports of the akuamatized villains during Hawkmoth and Mayura's reign, learning whatever she can about the Miraculouses.

Dislikes: Papillion, Ladybug (she fucking despises her, but she at least tries to be civil with her), Akumatized villains (sometimes), the feeling she has whenever it seems like her parents know that's she a superhero (they know, they just pretend not too), Chloe (but she likes her a lot more than Ladybug), being around people who can barely think for themselves, and in general anything that's too sweet.

Background: Born to famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste, and his personal assistant Nathalie Sancouer (Dree snorts whenever her father says that Nathalie is just an assistant in public), she lived a relatively calm life. She would sometimes model for her father's brand, and would, of course, take Japanese lessons. Unlike Adrien, she had a lot more freedom and was able to do what she wanted. Provided it was legal. She was homeschooled until the age of 7, and from there on, she was able to join a real school. When she was only four, her little brothers were born.

Other: She's aware that her parents were Hawkmoth and Mayura, and she doesn't hate them for that. She actually has a Hawkmoth and Mayura plushies in her bedroom. Curtoesy of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Originally, those were supposed to be for Mannon, so she could play with them alongside the others Marinette had created, but Andromeda created a (fake) tantrum, and Marinette allowed her to keep them. She finds villains to be much more interesting than heroes, but she will never admit that to anyone. In reality, she has more of an anti-hero view than a normal hero view.


Kwami: Pollen

Miraculous: Bee Miraculous

Bee Miraculous : Miraculous Ladybug | Etsy

Hidden: The body and teeth of the comb are blue with black segments while the wings are light blue/white. The miraculous is usually located on the upper left side of her hair.

Name: Bumblebee

Weapon: Spinning Top. It can be used similar to Ladybug's yoyo, and can also be used to communicate with the other heroes.

Ability: Its special superpower is Venom, which immediately immobilizes the target. As long as the superpower isn't used, the wielder can sustain the transformation indefinitely, though once it is used they only have about five minutes before they transform back.

Transforming words: "Pollen, Buzz On!" "Pollen, Buzz Off!"

Appearance: Exactly like in the picture, but instead of brown hair, it's black (yes, I know Andromeda looks like she has blue hair, but Marinette, Nathalie, and Andromeda have the same hair color. idk why Mari's hair looks like it's blue instead of black tho) and instead of brown eyes, it's blue

See the source image

Other: Aside from her mother (and father), she is the only other individual to use the Peacock Miraculous. She uses it whenever she feels frustrated (which is normally due to something Ladybug does or says) and uses that to cause chaos in order to release her emotions. She's known as Maiyil when using the Peacock Miraculous

She looks something like this when she is transformed

@JustALostM book


Name: Scott Marks
Nicknames: Scotty
Parents: Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe (Fight me)
Age (13-17): 15
Gender: Male; He/Him/His
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Scott is a chill, Sit back and relax kind of kid. Since Nino Always hangs around Adrian he has become quite the ‘punny’ one. He’s not the type to lash out but he does snap a lot. If someone does get on his nerves He tries to keep calm.
Likes: Taking a long stroll in the city, Talking to people, Making puns, Quiet places, People that are actually trying not to kill him (Usually applies to Akuatized)
Dislikes: Loud places, Hugs, People breaking his personal space, People who make fun of his puns, “Heroing” (But he has to).
Background: TBD


Kwami: Trixx

Activated: It looks the same but the Orange part just glows.
Name: The Jade Fox (Just Called Jade on the field)
Weapon: A flute (I'm just going OG with this because I can't think)
Ability: The Fox Miraculous has incredible powers of speed, endurance, and strength. Its special weapon is a reed flute, which can be utilized as a blunt weapon. Its special superpower is called Mirage, giving the user the power to create a hyper-realistic illusion of their choosing when the flute is played.
Transforming words:
In: “Trixx, Let’s get tricky!”
Out: “Trixx, let's rest our paws”


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(This is epic! I see you used the miraculous picrew uwu)
(Oh god, I can just see Chat, Bumblebee, and Jade just creating their own little group and goof around. Poor Ladybug)
(I'll see if I can put up a starter today, if not, I'll have to do it tomorrow.)