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In case you clicked and don't know what LU is, check it out here!! Not my AU, not my characters, full credit to Jojo.

This is probably gonna be a one-on-one, let's be realistic, but hey! We can hope that more people know about it! There's a few ways to go about it, so I'm just gonna list them.

  • Option 1: We divide up the characters. I'm cool with playing multiple, so if you are as well then this is great!
  • Option 2: One of us takes eight boys and the other takes one. I'm a little less fond of this one, but if it comes down to it, we can definitely use it.
  • Option 3: We just do two. Maybe they got separated from the group and need to find their way back, or maybe something else entirely happened. It'd be the hardest to swing, but I feel like it would be the easiest for all parties involved as far as actually RPing characters.

As far as actual plot goes, I've got some ideas but would love to hear from you if you come up with something! :)


Aaaalrighty! Lemme get some stuff up(also in case it isn't clear by the prompts, I don't mind not RPing Sky, just if he's a part of it then I'd prefer to play him). Sorry this took a while, I had a lot and also left to play Minecraft at some point ^^'

  • Legend and Hyrule being bros
  • Wild and Hyrule getting Lost As Fuck
  • Really just (hero) and (hero) get lost/separated from the group and doing shenanigans
  • Father/son bonding with Time and Twi
  • Alternatively: mentor/student bonding with Twi and Wild
  • Magical item shenanigans
  • Someone ends up in the wrong era post-story
  • AU? I'm open to suggestions, got a few ideas myself but nothing fleshed out
  • Not only do they get lost/separated but one of them makes the mistake of touching Twi's crystal and is now Stuck until they can find a way to change them back.

And tbh I can play two or more characters if you like any of these

  • The "lost/separated" thing except with Four and anyone else, and Shadow decides to make his presence known. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Ra! Vi! O! Purple bunny bastard causes problems for Legend and someone else to sort out
  • Four splits and now someone has to babysit the Colors while looking for a solution
  • Two of them wind up in a different era and meet the Link and Zelda from that time(i.e. Spirit Tracks Link and Zelda, Age of Calamity, that one cartoon, etc.)
  • Based on a fanfic I started and never finished lmao, basically they end up in the Avatar world and have to figure out how the hell to get back. Plus some friendship with the Gaang.


Lol alright, I will say that I'd prefer to RP Wild. It's just that I've never played Hyrule's games and don't really know much about him. Love him as a character, but I don't feel like I could do him justice.


Cool, I'll get a starter up in a bit! Also would you rather this be a one on one or should I keep it open in case someone else who likes LU decides they'd like to join? We can figure out specifics if that happens, I just wanted to run it by you first.


I'll close it then. And let me know if you have any questions! I haven't been a member of the fandom for too long, joined sometime towards the beginning of the year I think? tbh it's hard to tell, 2020's been a whole cluster of "what the fuuuuck" amirite I like to think I know my way around, though.


(Aaaand starter!)

The rain only came down harder as the two Heroes made their way through the woods. Wild found himself wishing even more that his Sheikah Slate glowed brighter. It was late, they were soaked, and he was pretty sure they were going in the wrong direction. Then again, every direction seemed to be the wrong one. No matter how often they changed their course or backtracked, Wild knew that they were only putting more distance between themselves and camp. "I think that's a…cave? It is, let's try and wait this out in there," he suggested. The storm would probably last a few more hours, if not the whole night, but it was better than getting more wet and lost. "I should have some dry wood in the Slate, too, so we can dry off."