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(This is in no way a continuation of Oumota. This is a separate universe; Oumota was just my last ship theme before the breakup, so I used it to represent the ending relationship)

It was a normal, starry night outside. It was a rather calm night, the temperature a nice, comfortable one, and most of the area being silent and in peace. The stars made for something beautiful for those outside to look at, and some were outside just to look at them. There weren't many cars passing by, so it was mostly silent that night as well.

Kaito knew that it was a calm and peaceful night. He had intentions of stargazing like he always would, as the weather was perfect, and the sky was clear. He always found it calming, something that he would do before bed whenever he could. It always helped him sleep, and it calmed him if he was upset over something. At the time, he was a bit worried, waiting for a response from his boyfriend, Kokichi Ouma.

When he saw that he had a notification from the other, his face lit up. However, that faded quickly, as the text read "Do not talk to me." Kaito had no idea what he had done wrong, but he just replied with a "Fine. Goodbye then," before muting his phone and crying. He tried to look at the stars to calm himself, but he just cried even as he looked up at them. He was incredibly hurt by the sudden breakup.


Kiibo had been walking in the same area, he was tracking the path of the moon while he walked.

Then there was the sound of crying, and he went to go investigate. Maybe someone was hurt or maybe even upset.
“ Hello?” he said softly as he looked around the corner “ are you hurt?”


Kaito looked at Kiibo and shook his head. He wasn't going to deny that something happened, as he was far too upset to attempt to hide it. "No, unless you meant emotionally…" he replied. "I-I'm physically okay…just upset…"

He looked away from Kiibo after that, returning his view to the stars. He tried to stop crying for a moment, but he continued to cry. He was far too devastated by what happened to calm himself.


Kaito sighed softly and turned to hug the other. He just wanted someone to be with at the time. "I-I'll be fine…but ice cream doesn't sound too bad right now… Just…can I show you what happened first…?"