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I'm really interested in doing an RP based on the Persona series. I'm not sure whether anyone here has played any of the games (or seen any of the show), but the premise is easy enough to explain.
For those unfamiliar with the franchise that may still be interested in joining:

  • There's another world parallel to the real world where "shadows" live. They kind of have a different "flavor" throughout the series, but typically they represent either twisted thoughts and desires OR denial of one's self- essentially the parts one hides, and the parts one is ashamed of. We can decide on an exact interpretation down the line.
  • There's usually a silent protagonist character. They essentially make a contract with Igor, some guy from that other world, and it triggers all the story events. We can change that for the purpose of this RP. But most people don't know about the other world and can't enter it without some sort of catalyst (ie: a person who has made a contract). This is probably the most complicated part, but we don't really have to talk about it.
  • All of the significant characters have a major arcana tarot card tied to them. There's more depth to it in the games as far as gameplay, but that's not as significant here.
  • Those who can enter the other world also have a "persona" that can fight and use magic powers (nothing op, I'm talking combat abilities against shadows.) It's basically a fighting spirit. If you know Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, it's super similar to a stand. The persona can only appear in that other world. In the "real" world, everyone is just normal people.
  • Usually the cast is high school students, and I THINK they all take place in Japan (at least 4 and 5 do for sure). We can change any of those criteria. This is more of a spin-off.

I think that's the gist of it.
Anyway, pretty standard rp rules. Be nice, have fun. Swearing is fair game, smut in dms (though I refuse to write smut of anyone under 18, so that's right out for me if we do high schoolers). Ask questions as needed, feel free to dm me.