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I've been wanting to create one for a while now, and while I do have one on Discord, Discord is pretty much inaccessible for the time being. Should I be making a roleplay when I said I really didn't have the motivation to do another or respond to RPs? Am I the one killing my other roleplays by not responding? No, and yes. But this one can't be avoided. Anyways, I don't have a plot or anything. The plot will be talked about when someone decides to join. And you also get to decide if this should be a small group RP or a one-on-one rp.

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Ok so we can use oc or not for this but what if we were transported to a dimension for magic kind of like how there was a Magic High Council in the Scrooge life and crimes

@spacebluelily language


Yeah, of course, you're allowed to use OC's for this! Oh, that would be interesting. I have two characters that have magic. They're De Spell's, but that's not the point!