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To explain the families (which will be added to later):

  • Kokichi and Rantaro are Nagito and Hajime's kids
  • Shuichi is Makoto and Kyoko's kid
  • Miu is Kazuichi's kid
  • Kaito is Taka and Mondo's kid
  • Gonta is Nekomaru and Gundham's kid
  • Maki is Fuyuhiko and Peko's kid
    We may decide stuff for some other V3 students soon!

Hajime looked at Nagito as they each held a small infant in their arms before he smiled at his husband. They had just adopted two children after wanting to start a family together. After some planning, they went home with two babies, one purple-haired and the other green-haired, earlier that day, and now they were at home with the babies, and they couldn't have been happier.

"We've truly done it. We have a family now," he smiled softly. "No doing anything ridiculous, though. You're not teaching these children how to blow up an entire island." That comment aside, it was clear that the brunette was really happy at the time, as it showed in his tone. "That aside, look at how adorable they are. They seem so happy to be here."


Hajime immediately shook his head at Nagito's response, as there was no way that he was going to allow him to teach their child how to commit any act of terrorism. However, he expected the comment, as he chose to marry the chaotic person sitting next to him. Despite the differences in their personalities, they got along well, and they were happy together.

"No. You're not teaching this kid how to become a terrorist or a war criminal," he responded as he rolled his eyes. "Anyways, he's in a good home. I'm sure that he'll be happy here."