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@AnxietyGremlin group

OC's welcome. Even encouraged

All are welcome to join
Rules are basically Andrews rules
Please be active regularly.
For the suggested themes, keep them to a minimum, and don't make jokes to explicit.
There will be cussing.

Plot is:
Basically just a slice of life day to day with the creepypasta fam, except there are constantly people coming into the forest. And things can get a little rocky with outsiders

@RichardTheLegitPsychic if you want to join, you're very welcome

Character sheet:


Here's My character

Name: Paisley Otis
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Short, about 4'9. She has black shoulder length black hair with neon highlights of most if not all colors. She has ocean blue eyes. A small nose, and a slim, yet curvy frame.
Clothes: She wears a pair of black-blue denim overalls, cut into shorts. She has a dark grey t-shirt on under, and covers the whole ensemble with a very oversized black zip up hoodie. She accents the outfit with a pair of black thigh highs, black garters, and grey rainboots. Her final piece is a black mask, with only a glowing left eye. Outlined in white, with no pupil, a black sclera, and rainbow circles that overlap for irises.
Personality: She's quiet for the first few hours you know her, but she gets comfortable quickly and is a very nice girl. She has her reservations, like everyone else, but those are overcome by sheer curiosity. She want's to know everything, and if she knows nothing on a topic, she finds out. She's resourceful, quick-witted and funny. Kinda put's off crackhead energy, just like her best friends BEN and Toby
Likes: Walks, Hanging out with her friends, Her brothers Helen and Parker
Dislikes: Jeff, overly loud noises, and being threatened
Other:She has PTSD

@AnxietyGremlin group

(not really. I was just hoping for a nice little fun time with everyone. ANd a little bit of angst here and there, but overall i had nothing in mind. I'm open to whatever though, so if you have something go ahead and post it)

@Avhira-The-Eldritch-Horror group

Name: Lucy Hart (Rokurokubi)
Age: unknown
Sexuality: unknown
Appearance: A rokurokubi (creepypasta with a detachable head that floats around)
Personality: kind to other creepypasta, not as kind to humans
Clothes: renaissance style dresses
Likes: being accepted, the dark
Dislikes: bright lights, humans.
Other: no legs, a black mist like a ghosts tail instead. floats 1/2 inch above the ground normally.