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Using my OC from there!

Name: Min Sun-mi
Age: Fifteen
Quirk: Ice neko
Hero name: Ice Archer (She usually uses her powers to create weapons, though sometimes she won't. She uses ranged attacks as a strategy)
Appearance: White hair with a bright blue fade, white cat ears, a cat tail with a bright blue tip, and light blue eyes, and she'll usually wear a hoodie and leggings when not in school or training or fighting
Personality: Confident, determined, creative, sweet, a great fighter, clever, loving, protective, generally just heroic, cheerful, and always optimistic
Backstory: Originally from South Korea. She moved to Japan with her family when her older brother was around fifteen. They were originally on a vacation, until UA had their entrance exams, and her brother was incredibly interested, and their parents didn't allow it at first until they were attacked and he managed to save him. The hero who saw this would've recommended him in an instant if it weren't slightly too late. Then he was allowed to be in the entrance exams and he got it, causing the family to move to Japan. She truly looks up to her brother, too.
Motivations: Her brother, her family in general, her friends, bettering the world
Strengths: Creating strategies, fighting, empowering others
Weaknesses: Protective side can take over when her brother or friends are severely injured and will forget all strategies and that can lead to herself being seriously harmed, though it sometimes benefits her
Sexuality: Pansexual


If you want more people, I say we wait a bit. If you want this to be a one on one (which is preferable for me), I can start now. Oh, and you can have more than one OC! I have another that I want to add.


Sun-mi was on her way to school. It was her first day at UA, and she was looking forward to it. Everything from making friends to training to be a hero sounded like a lot of fun to her. She hummed to herself as she walked to school, soon arriving and walking into her classroom. She hoped to make some new friends during the school year.


Aki was walking to school. Her first day at UA high school and she was nervous. She was wearing her UA uniform and had light up schetchers with a backpack with the lesbian flag printed on it.