forum Among Us Roleplay? (open to everyone!)
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(I'm just getting into Among Us so… why not? I call dibs on Pink tho-)

Pink: Me
Black: @Cryptid-is-a-mothman-simp
Orange: @Divine-Irish-Potato-the-2nd!
Yellow: @Cloudy_is_ready_for_the_SKELETON_WAR
Lime: @its_tom_riddle
Cyan: @Simply-just-tired-
Blue: @Prince_Taehyungie
Red: @99CentDreamStore
Purple: @Laffy-Taffy
Brown: @salami
White: @SketchWolf13
Green: @iiclxudy_baby

Rules: this is basically Among Us so… just do what you'd do there.
Rule update: I will PM two people who will be the imposters in each round. They cannot tell anyone they are an imposter. As for the crewmates, you'll know if you're a crewmate depending on whether or not you get the PM that reads "Round (#): Imposter!" Have fun!
2nd Rule Update: When somebody is killed, they cannot reply to anything in the chat besides stuff ooc. Anyone who is killed during the roleplay is brought back for the next round. As for reporting, just type "DEAD BODY REPORTED" after a body is found. Same goes for calling emergency meetings. Voting will go like this: When voting, type the color of the person you want to vote out in parentheses ("-insert color-"). If everyone decides to skip, I will put "Skipped (nobody was ejected)" in the chat in parentheses. When someone is ejected after being voted out, they cannot reply in the chat unless it's ooc. Just like when somebody is killed, anyone who is killed or ejected cannot reply to anything in the roleplay until the next round.


(An Among Us role play? I'll join, if that's okay! Also, I don't really have a color preference since my actual favorite color {not necessarily in game play} is taken.)