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Game_Txt.exe booting up…
All systems… OPERATIONAL

World "Kanto" is unresponsive
Continue? [Y]/N
Campaign starting up…

– __ – __ – __ – __ – __ – __ – __ –

"Hello! My name is Professor Siber, and I'm a Pokemon Historian! This world was inhabited by creatures called Pokemon. For some people, they were used as pets! Others used them for fights. Myself, I study the history of Pokemon's extinction as a profession.

"First off, what's your name?

"XXXXX? Great! So your name is XXXXX!

"This is your rival. He has oppressed the people of the world through the forced implementation of advanced technology and military force!

"Err… What was his name again?

"__________? That's right, I remember! His name is __________!

"XXXXX, your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold. A world of dystopian nightmares, environmental mishaps, and species extinction is about to begin. Let's go!"

__ – __ – __ – __ – __ – __ – __ – __

Welcome all, to the world of Kanto! This intro is just a small piece of what the world has to offer. Pokemon are near extinct, so much so that they are presumed myths, and technology reigns in the region. Pokemon Centers have been destroyed, and cities have been replaced by forts and futuristic buildings.

You do not need to be a Pokemon expert to take part in this campaign, nor do you need to know all about D&D, as this is a combination of the two games. If you would like to partake in this dystopian endeavor, I only ask for a sample of your roleplaying style. After I have verified the first person will I ask you to make your character–I will be rolling for your starter Pokemon >:) However, you can ask for a particular type of Pokemon.

A big thing in this campaign is: your character won't be fighting–there's a way that you can do your class, or what I call, "Trainer Path." As for background, I will have to know what kind of person your character is. One final thing: your character must be humanoid. If you have an idea involving your character (or someone else's!), feel free to share with me.


  • All of Andrew's rules apply.
  • Hate the character, not the player.
  • Please, no one-liners, especially in D&D.
  • I have the right to say no, whether it be referring to your character's backstory, your roleplaying sample, etc.
  • If you feel that I (or another player) am being unfair, don't be afraid to tell me, and I'll settle the issue.

I can't wait to play with you! (Also, thanks for reading all of this!)


This seems pretty dang interesting, but I should clarify before hand—I've only ever participated in one campaign in a club at my school, several months ago.


Will this be taking place here or Roll20/Discord? Just asking for clarity. Either way, I'm interested. I haven't roleplayed on here in a little over half a year, though I have filled that spot by being involved with two campaigns, one with a new DM and the other a homebrew world. I'm still kinda new to the whole world of DnD, so I'm not as informed on things as veterans or intermediaries are.

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(Wait, people are interested? Backs into corner, questioning my life choices…)

You two are fine! I am a bit inexperienced myself (as I am used to in-person sessions), I'm just surprised that this didn't die. As for where this will be, either Discord or here. I tried to work in Roll20, but I couldn't grasp the controls well. Seeing as you're the only ones interested in (almost) 48 hours, you will not need to provide a sample. We might wait a bit for other people, but I encourage you to make your characters. As far as your class goes, put the best 5E class that would suit your character best, and I'll get into detail about the classes in this campaign–I am still fine-tuning them.
Thanks for the questions! If you have any more, feel free to ask!

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(Reminder that you can ask for a type of Pokemon for your character when making them, but what he/she receives would be unknown until the first session. Or you can have me guess–won't that be fun?)


(Hmm… how shall we share the character sheet? Just typing it out here? And would you also like to know their stats as well? Sorry for all the questions, I'm excited as hell for this.)

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Probably typing it out here? Otherwise, if you don't want to take up a lot of room, you can put it on a Google Doc. I'm trusting you to not be OP (hopefully?)


Being OP is honestly just not fun (I asked the DM to nerf my character's armor, as it became a 21 AC score based on her charisma. The DM said no because one, she had to live with her mistake of giving me powerful armor, and two, she thinks it's hysterical). Nothing is a challenge and there is no risk. I don't like playing like that. I want my victories to be earned, y'know? And if the character dies, then the character dies.

And besides, if you think my character is a bit too powerful, please don't be afraid to tell me and we can nerf the character from there.

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In one of the campaigns I'm in, the DM had his own character, which I saw nothing wrong with (more for him to calculate, I guess). What I didn't know was that his character was significantly more powerful than everyone else, and left my warlock at 1 HP when they got into an argument. I understand. What class were you to have such high charisma?


Ouch. DMs like that make my stomach curdle. Glad your Warlock managed to survive that encounter.

Bard, of course. I figured it would be a good starting class where I can dip my toes into spells without having to rely on them. But I honestly want to try out every class now that I've experienced Bard, Rouge, and Barbarian.

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I remember making a Drow Bard, and she had 6 skill proficiencies. Never used her, so I might here.

I know I can't help much with the character-making process, but if you need any help, I can at least try.

Would you like to know about your characters beforehand, or go into this blindly (once we're all ready to go)?

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Alright. I should get working on the details of everything. Have a great day! :)

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Just wanted to give a brief update as to how things will work:

  • Pick five different Pokemon types–I will then roll for what Pokemon your character will receive for their starter. For example, say I pick the Fire, Flying, Ghost, Electric, and Steel types. I would then roll on the list of all of the Fire, Flying, Ghost, Electric, and Steel-type Pokemon that I have made, and the numbered result would then determine who you'd get. I think picking just one type could be bad, seeing as one type has only two associated Pokemon with it.
  • I will let you pick your Pokemon's nature and ability after the first session–that will just be meyhem of you picking your ability, etc. while participating in the session.
  • Good news! I've gotten the Player's Handbook, Character sheet, and Pokemon Character sheet, for this campaign! (Note: This has all been made by another person, and I took inspiration from a Podcast I listened to.)

I'm hoping to get at least one more person in here, but if not, I might play a character myself. Hopefully this update has helped!

@izzyandviolins pets

I'm interested? Could I have some more information on how D&D works again? XD it's been awhile since I was introduced. I tried to join a campaign with my friends but it didn't turn out too well haha.

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PM me, and you can ask questions from there. I'll try my best to answer accurately.

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Alright, I have an update! Because I am curious (and possibly nice, for now), I'll let you choose your starter Pokemon off of this list of 25 different Pokemon. You can pick any one for your character's starter Pokemon (please tell me beforehand so I can cross it off of the list), and, if you find spare time, fill out your Pokemon's character sheet. HOWEVER, you cannot all have the same Pokemon, so be ready to have a backup possible idea for your character's starter (though I don't think we'll run into that–there are 25 Pokemon and the chances are slim.)
You can pick 2 moves for your starter to know, and you can pick your Pokemon's ability and nature. The first two (moves and abilities) can be found in the Monster Manuals under your starter Pokemon's name, and the third (nature) can be found in the Player's Handbook.
I hope everyone is going great, and I hope this helps!


Thank you! I was planning on finishing my character today, and that was the final piece of the puzzle. Now I can start putting everything together.

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NOTE: There are no "professors" in this world, and Pokemon are presumed to be extinct. Unless you have a family member working for the government, I doubt Callum would know anything about Pokemon. Something special will happen in order for your characters to receive their Pokemon.


Updated preview of the character:

His name is Callum Acker, and he's a well-meaning dumbass. His highest stats (in no particular order) are Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. He's kind, sensitive, understanding, creative, determined/stubborn, ambitious, though not very smart or clever, and rather impulsive when it comes to decision-making. He comes from a studious family, who at first didn't understand why he preferred creating/socializing over learning. Try as they might, getting him to sit down and actually study and learn was too much of a challenge, though they always loved and accepted him, even if he was different. (Think of the family dynamic as an extrovert born into a household of introverts). Both of his parents are still alive and kicking, and he has two older sisters to boot. His mother works directly with the government as a researcher/scientist but doesn't share anything of her job with the rest of the family. His father is a math teacher. His sisters are on their way to becoming an orthodontist and a lawyer, respectively. He's still trying to find his own way in life.

His starter will be Roggenrola.
Nature: Careful?
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Tackle, Harden

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Me casually waiting on everyone: Let's write some more campaign!