forum Hey, I know nothing about DND and kinda want to try it. Pointers? Players?
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Hi! I know a lot about DnD and am happy to answer questions. The friend I just tagged runs DnD on discord so they will be able to help answer questions as well! Ima go but ye. Ask and I'll answer when I get back.



Well, I'd like to know pieces of the game so I kinda understand the gist of it. Also, it can be played online, right?


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I do have discord

If you want to add me and send me a server and chat there too, I'll put my tag here:

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Anyways so there is dice, you mostly use D20's and D6's for just about anything, but I'd suggest at least having one of each kind of dice. I'd also suggest getting a players hand book or at least knowing one of your friends has one they can lend you for when you make your character. From alignment, class, deity, role. All that stuff.

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Human fighters tend to be a starter class and race for everyone who's new.

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Bards are the crazy wild bastards who do things like fuck dragons and ruin plans and piss everyone off. But. Everyone still loves em. HOLD ON. Before we continue. What version are you playing? There are different versions of DnD. the two most common are 3.5 and the newest version, 5e.

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A couple tips I have:

For your first couple times, use a non-powered OC from a book (yours or another persons). It allows you to use a fully fleshed out character so that you can know how they would react in whatever situation they're put in.

Make sure to keep track of your spell slots! Only use them when you absolutely have to! If you run out at a bad time, and your a spellcasting class, your done for.

Make sure you know your characters abilities. Its very annoying for a DM to have to wait for you to figure out what everything on your sheet means.

And thats all I can really think of unprompted… hope this is helpful!

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Another tip! Write down page numbers on your character sheet so you can find things out very very quickly, making it easier to do things like spell cast, shape shift, and other things

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Okay, well I'm still here to help those who do have the questions.


I'm sorry to hear that you are choosing not to play. It's a wonderful game, but I understand that was a lot of questions and very few answers for you. If you ever reconsider pleace just post a question. I'm sure I or someone else can answer it.

As for my first and number one tip: Just have fun, it is a game after all, and you are supposed to play a game to have fun. If everyone at the table (or in the chat room) has a good time you are all winners.