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5th Edition is great, but there are some things that it just can't do. That's why there are either homebrew rules, but I like systems that are designed around certain rules. I'm currently playing a Flying Circus campaign, which is Powered by the Apocalypse, and it focuses heavily on plane combat. You get all sorts of these weird WWI-era planes and it's a lot of crunch that's offset by the freeform roleplay.

I also want to mention Lancer, despite not having played it yet. It's a mecha-RPG made by the guy that wrote Kill Six Billion Demons and literally everything operates off of the rule of cool and it's fantastic.

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What do you mean by other systems? Other incarnations of Gygax's magnum opus?

I've seen things… seen things you little people wouldn't believe. Runequest game mechanics as efficent as quicksilver… I rode on the backs of Cthulhu and watched Stormbringer glitter in the dark near Marc Miller's universe. All those moments… they'll be gone. like memories of an old nerd.

There was a time I played most of the systems, in the mid 80s on, from chainmail to space opera.
My backstory even includes airfix featherstone wargames.
I just plunder them all now to make it up as i go along.


When I say "other systems," I mean anything. I've been getting further into the indie TTRPG space and I'm realizing how much these systems borrow from each other. If Blades in the Dark popularized the "clock" system, Flying Circus, Gubat Banwa, and even Lancer are starting to really run with that concept.

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There's a whole geneaology of game mechanics, like how Chess begat Kriegspiel, which begat wargames, which begat chainmail et al.

How there was a time before when orks were green, when you were encouraged to homebrew and borrow from each other. Theres a combat system in 'Lace & Steel' that played combat like a card game with special playing cards of strike, feint, dodge etc. It could work in
gaming is just any other creative movement - like music. In many future songs you'll hear echoes of past hits.

Whose gonna make a iceberg video about gaming?