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Hey, I'm about to have my first ever D&D campaign next Saturday, and I'm excited but nervous. I really don't know much about D&D, so if any of you could give advice, that would be very much appreciated.

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The best advice I can give:

  • The most important: Relax and have fun!
  • Make a character you want to play, it's easier to get into a characper/rp when you enjoy it
  • Ask questions! Dice can be confusing, there are a ton of spells, and then there are all the maths involved… But if your DM is any good they will be happy to help!
  • This last one is a bit of a pet peeve, but try to avoid 'protagonitus'. D&D is a team game, and no one has much fun when one person controls everything and thinks they're the only main character. Let others have the spotlight, and if someone is overstepping you make sure to insist on your part! (ex, we had a warlock jerk who kept "having a plan" that failed because he wanted to do everything, wouldn't let the bard talk or use magic, wouldn't let the rogue be the one to open locks, tried to order the barbarian who to fight, etc. Not fun for anyone until we started pushing back)

and a bonus

  • what happens at the table stays at the table (or call). People are playing characters and stories, the DM is the narrator and not trying to maliciously kill everyone. We had a spat cause our rogue did something very in character that caused a lot of problems. I thought it was funny even though my character was pissed, but another player was mad at him irl and we had to clear the air before the next session.