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first of all, accept that your players will never do what you expect or want them to. It's incredibly frustrating but ultimately the best thing to happen in the end.
secondly, don't stake everything on one storyline or plot hook. as I said, players rarely follow your plan + they like choice.
thirdly, and this is very important, never ever under any circumstance, give them a map of a bigger area than you planned for them to explore. They WILL make use of it and somehow decide to go to the spot you hadn't figured out anything on first.
And the last point is the most important of all. Pretent that everything is according to plan or at least don't exclaim out loud that they're going of tracks. they don't know that you didn't plan for them to rob the local lord and are probably just laching on to what they thought was a plothook. you're probably fine if you have a few NPC's and Monster stats on hand for situations like that.

I have a lot more but these are the most important in my opinion.
Also , just have fun and talk about it if something doesn't feel right within the group.