forum Characters That You'll Probably Never Use But Would If There Would *Just* Be a Game You Could Join.
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I have a lot of those, so I'll start with a simple one.

Maxwell "Leadbelly" Charles
Class: Pugilist Fighter
Weapon: see Fist of Gratia from Bloodborne
Race: Half-Giant (Hill)
Looks: Ugly bastard; like Dampe from Ocarina of Time with the bald head, crooked teeth, and hunched back, but really muscular. A patchwork of six scars on his stomach from an altercation at his parents' tavern where he was shot.
History: Lives on a farm with his Hill Giant dad and human mom, mostly doing grunt labor and occasionally helping stock the tavern with heavy barrels of wine and liquor. A customer once goosed a serving girl and friend of his, so Max slugged the guy in the jaw and he was shot in retaliation before running away. The bullets are still in there despite clerical healing, earning him the nickname "Leadbelly."

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Elimelech Strauss
Class: Ancestral Guardian Barbarian
Weapon: Broken Sheers used as dual wielded short swords
Race: Halfling
Looks: Nonbinary. A pretty androgynous and very hot looking person, a curly brown mullet, pretty tall for a halfling (like 5'0). Scars lining their mouth, they cover them with a bandana (worn like a mask) They have tattoos lined from the corners of their eyes down to their collar bone.
History: Became a barbarian when their boyfriend was killed by a mysterious but incredibly powerful wizard. Chose to travel the world as an assassin, just like their ancestors before them, and their ancestors decided to help them on their journeys.

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Carol Coalfire
Class: Artillerist Artificer
Weapon: Single-faced sledgehammer and an arcane pistol
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Looks: An old, gray-haired Dwarven woman with tan skin. Wears a red scarf wrapped around her neck and over her mouth, used to keep dust and debris out of her face. Muscular arms from her hammer-swinging heyday as a gunsmith.
History: Worked as a gunsmith in her mountainous home and decided her inventions needed a bit more of a hands-on approach to testing. Adventuring seemed like the best option, seeing as she could record notes as things happen.

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Hieronimo Marilyn Montague XIII
Class: Battle Master Fighter
Weapon: A telescopic jousting lance and a large shield
Race: (Variant) Human
Looks: Tall, long blond hair, muscular, basically the gijinka version of Madeleine Cookie if that makes any sense to you reading this. Wears ornate plate armor and has a silk scarf that always is billowing in the wind.
History: First son and second in line to the house of a noble family of drake riders, but eschewed that in favor of footslogging combat due to his inability to command a drake in any meaningful capacity. Complete and utter shithead.