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I’m not talking horrors and monsters. Just something you might see in Dark Crystal or something.
Here’s one of my random brain things.

It’s a snail, basically, except instead of a snail shell it has an oyster shell. Two feet long out of the shell, the shell is 1 1/2.

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(I don’t know if this counts as a weird creature or if it fits the criteria you were talking about, but here it is.)

It’s called an Íthellë.
They’re small creatures with large black eyes, small noses, long arms and legs, and floppy long ears. They usually have a slight greenish color to their skin, long nails, and prominent cheekbones.
A young Íthellë usually has a long thin horn-like thing coming out of their heads, (the horn is sort of like an antenna). An Íthellë has only a certain amount of brain space and the antenna is what they use to learn different things around them, usually different plants, foods, and dangers. When the brain space is used up the horn will fall off.
They smoke at any and every age and can change shape into anything but will always be a foot tall.
They live underground and eat meat, but prefer vegetables, (especially potatoes). At night they'll sneak above ground steal vegetables and eggs from the local farm then return to their holes when the sun rises.