forum I’d like some help figuring out how exactly my planets animals would reproduce
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In my world the people don’t reproduce by sex and don’t have genitals. Instead, they reproduce by taking pieces of their DNA and placing it inside an artificial egg and allowing it to grow in a incubator of sorts. If this is the case for the people, would the animals be similar with their own natural way of doing it, or maybe every animal lays eggs? Or would they reproduce in a different way


Budding- small exact copies form, and drop off when they get big enough. Alternatively your animals might drop their buds into pools where the buds mix and exchange genetic snippets, creating diversity and increasing the likelihood of survival.

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One potential option is to have the animals in your world reproduce through a mix of both sexual and non-sexual means, which might help blend realism and also give you a lot of room to explore a wide array of species. This could add an interesting layer of complexity to your world and allow for a diverse range of reproductive strategies among the different species.

Another idea is to have the animals in your world reproduce through a more unique and imaginative method, such as creating offspring through the fusion of two individuals or through the manipulation of their own DNA. This could add a sci-fi element to your world and lean into creating a truly unique and new ecosystem.