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Ooh, I like!! I'll do it with the Erwin family as DnD characters

Felix: Bard, x100. but NOT the bad kind. Dramatic, poetic, has an oddly high number of buff/debuff spells
Benji: Paladin with either a charisma of 20, or 3. Depends on how you would want to play him mechanically, but either way, there is no in between, and his rp wouldn't change in the slightest.
Riley: Fighter, specializes in min maxing and pays way too much attention to like, two attacks and being able to deal hellish amounts of damage with them.
Steven: Wizard, probably. Like Riley, he's super attention to detail, and focuses his build on being as powerful as possible. Goes out of his way to get magic items of ridiculous power
Daisy: Warlock, she's put the most work into her character's backstory, and she's inevitably the one who gets that super cool power reveal with the glowing eyes that draws the entire battle to a halt.


Naomi: Ranged damage. Lawful good.
CJ: Healer. Neutral good or chaotic good.
Brandee: Rogue/skillmonkey. Chaotic good or chaotic neutral.
Kieron: Tank. Neutral good.

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Amoxtli: She's most definitely a bard, and she definitely causes more chaos than was originally accounted for in every scenario. She's chaotic neutral.
Balam: She's a hard pick, but I'd say she's a monk, she's good at keeping herself composed, but has no problem hurting people who hurt her or endanger the good of the world. She's neutral good.
Lasta: Wizard, they learned magic from a young age and with it all the rules and dangers of it. They are more inclined towards their own moral code, though they strictly follow the rules of magic. They're lawful neutral.
Nitis: Ranger, he's not very emotional, but prefers to do good rather than remain doing nothing. He believes that the world can only come to balance if there are good people to defend it, though he'd prefer it not be him. He's lawful good.
Tiburo: Barbarian, he loves his friends as much as he loves beating people up. He'd do anything for the people he loves, no matter the cost. He's chaotic good.
Coyotl: Rogue, she's a murderous maniac who's only purpose in life is seeing people bleed. They're loyal to a fault to those who let them indulge in their pleasures. She's chaotic evil.

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perfect timing, i just finished up these headcanons

hero party
Simon: Dwarf Bard
Sarah: Ghome Cleric
Chloe: Halfling Fighter
CJ: Dragonborn Ranger
Asia: Half-Elf Cleric
Logan: Half-Elf Paladin
Adam: Half-Elf Druid
Noah: Half-Elf Fighter
Dean: Human Rogue
Henry: Half-Elf Bard

antihero party
Samantha: Half-Orc Barbarian
Julianna: Halfling Druid
Ava: Tiefling Ranger
Grayscale: Half-Elf Monk
Ultraviolet: Human Rogue
Chaos: Human Sorcerer

villain party
Madeline: Tiefling Sorcerer
Payton: Elf Cleric
Peter: Half-Elf Fighter
Xavier: Dragonborn Warlock
Jason: Human Barbarian
Malcolm: Tiefling Rogue
Marcus: Tiefling Sorcerer

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I only have 2 ocs atm, Im so sorry
Kumi: Healer, a follower, doesn't stay in battle for too much time
Maxine: Main warrior, probably a leader, stays in battle until she can't physically do anything