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Basically what the title says. :D
If your characters were YouTubers, what kind of content would they create? What would their channel be called? Are they popular or underrated? Estimated number of subscribers?

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Character: Vozreal Rafter
Content: Games and Vlogs, like Jacksepticeye or Markipler
Channel Name: The Rafter Show or Vozreal Plays.
Popular/Underrated: Popular, and for good reason.
Estimated Subscribers Count: 52 million

Character: Allison Mercy
Content: Vlogs, makeup tutorials. Would have lots of simps
Channel Name: Allison Mercy Does Make Up
Popular/Underrated: Popular, but only because of simps
Estimated Subscriber Count: 12 million

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Faybl: Heartwarming inspiration and animation, saying life can be tough, but you'll overcome it!
Syn: Probably just random stuff that comes to his mind.
Vath: It's ok to be different, don't hate yourself for it! You are amazing!


Name of channel: PickDoesCrap2HerFriends
What she would do: Vlog and annoy her friends
How many subscribers: 1million
Popular?: You could say

Name of channel: Midnight Hour
What they would do: Play games and hit on girls
How many subscribers: 87 million
Popular?: YUS

Name of channel: FishyGurlSings
What she would do: Sing even though she has a speech disablility
How many subscribers: 2 billion


Brandee would have an automotive channel on which she would cover repairs, restorations, and customizations; its name would at very least include some variation of the phrase "Grease Monkey." Every so often, she would work on some vehicle which was not a car (such as a motorcycle, a power boat, or the occasional aircraft); those would tend to boost her subscriber count. It would be wildly popular among people with similar interests, especially those who like to watch tiny women be loud, vulgar, and completely in their element.

Kieron would most likely have a weightlifting channel with some variation on "Natty Lifter" in the name. The content would mostly consist of attempts at new personal lifting records, plus the occasional video of him stuffing his large face, flexing, or both. Right around when he got hurt, he'd be doing recovery videos—mostly trying to figure out how to work out without straining the injury. Most of its modest viewer base would be other strength athlete wannabes; there would also be a smattering of…well, people with other reasons for liking to watch huge guys eat, flex, and lift. Kieron would be both flattered and mildly chagrined by the latter.

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Azami D. Centero
Channel Name: Azami and Co.
Type of Content: Anything that can involve Azami and her friends(usually her brothers) doing dumb stuff. Trying to break video games? Of course. Pranking people? All the time. Challenges with weird punishments? Always. Pirate stuff? Constantly. She also does some art occasionally, but it's rare.
Popular?: Not really, at least, not yet.
Subscriber Count: 79k

Channel Name: The Little Doctor
Type of Content: She usually goes through medical procedures, or responds to comments asking for medical advice.
Popular?: Yes, somehow. Perhaps her cuteness?
Subscriber Count: 4 million

Peregrine Dracule
Channel Name: Peregrine's Swords
Type of Content: Swordfighting and training, with the occasional storytime video, often featuring Estella
Popular?: Yes
Subscriber Count: 2 million

Channel Name: EstellaSings
Type of Content: She occasionally sings, but usually just annoys Peregrine. Her videos of her annoying Peregrine are somehow more popular than her actual singing.
Popular?: Barely
Subscriber Count: 521k

Channel Name: ThatWriterLad
Type of Content: Lots of writing, poetry and worldbuilding, with the occasional sketch
Popular?: He's really popular among the writing community
Subscriber Count: 789k


Channel name: AngryMadKid
Content: Midnight vlogs about the creep who hangs around his house at night, peaking in windows and banging on doors, etc (viewers will think it's an ARG, it's not).
Amount of subs: 150, till his channel gets mentioned as a creepy channel and gets noticed, then around 1k or 2k
Popular: Not particularly

Channel name: Tired Of It
Content: his personal venting channel, he wouldn't know others could see his videos.
Amount of subs: 11 or so.
Popular: No.

Channel name: Lincoln Winchester
Content: how to and help videos explaining lesser known things. also growing his image as a "empathetic likable role model" (The channel would just be for him to become more known before trying to change the world, maybe gain some sort of power before he dies).
Amount of subs: 24k or so.
Popular: Yes. I mean the population that would be able to view his videos isn't that large to begin with.

Channel name: Pardon the Garden
Content: Plant videos, caring for plants. There would be no talking, probably some sort of subtitles things.
Amount of subs: 0 there is no one that could watch it, they are all dead.
Popular: I mean, the whole population is subscribed so..

Channel name: LandersLand
Content: Vlog like stuff, just him walking around the military camp showing everything and talking about it, whenever he comes across someone he shoves the camera in their face and excitedly introduces them.
Amount of subs: none, but his channel has been banned, for showing classified information and locations.
Popular: no, if it was he'd be in bigger trouble.

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Sorry this is super long, but I added their most popular video in too, cause this was so much fun to write up.

Channel name: Training with Sparta
Content: His channel would be about how to properly use weapons such as guns, knives, and hatchets. Also would occasionally create a survival guide video. He also rounds up his 10 friends to have an occasional game of paintball or laser tag, since the majority are secretly trained killers, these games get intense and boost Sparta's views like crazy.
Subscribers: 150K One half subscribed cause they genuinely wanted to learn how to fight and survive the other half is there cause they think Sparta's hot.
Popular: Not really. He has great tips, but not a whole lot of people are into the type of content he makes.
Most Popular Video: "Paintball With the Crew". This video was crazily popular and achieved #1 on the trending page with 28M views. It was a video of Sparta and his 10 friends competing together in a FFA paintball game in the middle of the woods (Willow won).

Channel name: WillowPaints
Content: Time lapse videos of Willow painting. She occasionally collabs with Felix and they'll do a painting together (these vids really boost Willow's views).
Subscribers: 300K
Popular: She's getting there. Because she never talks in her videos they tend to get a bit boring with just music played over her time lapse, but her art is remarkable and people love her talent.
Most Watched Video: "Painting Felix Klein in Paris". This video got up to #4 on the trending page with over 14M views. It was a time lapse video of Willow painting Felix in Paris when they took a trip there together.

Channel Name: Survival of the Fittest
Content: She does a vlog type of style video, but they revolve around dangerous "pranks". She loves to act like she's pretending to kill Sparta and show it as some sort of realistic prank and her viewers take it as a prank, but in reality it's an attempted murder each video.
Subscribers: 1.3M
Popular: Yeah, she'd be considered popular. She's a fast growing channel and people like her "pranks".
Most Watched Video: "Dangerous Pranks Tutorial". This video was fairly popular with #7 on trending and 5M views. This was a video of Michael showing a tutorial of "dangerous" pranks to play on people. She definitely toned down the dangerous part for the tutorial, she didn't want any of her viewers to get hurt trying these.

Channel Name: The Felix Vibes
Content: Her channel would filled with vlogs of herself traveling the world and trying new things. It would be filled with amazing unique content with seriously the best vibes ever. And whenever she visits some foreign place, she always does her studying and gives a bit of history too. This channel was started so that Felix would get over her fear of getting lost, but it quickly became a popular channel.
Subscribers: 14M
Popular: Oh heck yeah. She has the best content with amazing scenery and history.
Most Watched Video: "Longboard through Paris with Felix". This video got #1 on the trending page and got over 30M. It just simply was Felix longboarding through Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower, pastry shops, and showing the unique culture of France. Willow was also there, so that also contributed to the views.

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Channel name: Pardon the Garden
Content: Plant videos, caring for plants. There would be no talking, probably some sort of subtitles things.
Amount of subs: 0 there is no one that could watch it, they are all dead.
Popular: I mean, the whole population is subscribed so..

This is so cute, except the fact that everyone is dead…but the channel name is so adorable and perfect!

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Character Name: Lee ——— (not much is known about my bean sooo)
Content: Agere, in general being soft, vlogs and such with is boyfriends, lgbtq+ advice
Channel Name: SoftBoiLee
Subs: 12.3K
Popularity: They are not very popular and even if you or someone else watched them, no one would ever mention it to another

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Some more of my characters because I may or may not have forgotten about them

Peppermint Charlotte
Channel Name: CandyGirlPeppermint
Type of Content: She mostly reviews candies and interviews her siblings.
Popular?: Among her family? Of course. Among everybody else? Not really.
Subscriber Count: 85, only her siblings actually watch her videos and all of them are subscribed to her.

Channel Name: RevolutionaryFishmanTori
Type of Content: Tori usually covers training techniques and current events within the organization, so she's basically become the news channel of the Revolutionaries.
Popular?: She's really popular within the Revolutionaries, but other than that, not really.
Subscriber Count: 189k


I'm just going to do two of my characters

Character: Brey
Channel name: Flaming_hot_cheeto
Type of content: She would make really risky vlogs where she could get killed but somehow she never gets hurt
Popular?: Somewhat popular, really popular amongst pre-teens
Sub count: 269k

Character: Hayba
Channel name: Hayba Daha
Type of content: Daily blogs, her sister gets annoyed with it but it turns out getting her more views
Popular?: Somehow pretty dang popular
Sub count: 15 mil.


Character: Alice
Channel name: GamersFriends&Foes
Type of content: Some sports videos but mainly just some friends playing games, ex- Minecraft, Among us
Popular: Rather popular, because its a gaming channel, but not too popular just yet
Sub count: 250k, because friends playing games is just outright chaotic
This would probably be a shared account in general, but she'd be the one most likely in charge

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Character: Leyak
Channel name: KnifeLife
Type of content: Knife reviews, unboxings, and repair guides. She might also mix in other weapons as well.
Popularity: Popular among knife collectors and serial killers.
Sub count: Around 500k because of the small group that collects knives.

Character: Ziminiar
Channel name: VoDka
Type of content: Various challenges involving vodka and other hard alcohol.
Popularity: Extremely popular due to his Russian-ish accent and high alcohol tolerance.
Sub count: Around 64 million for the reasons listed above.

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Aster would create a bunch of sort of experiment-like stuff that's lowkey turning people into witches but they don't really notice. The videos are pretty engaging and especially with Sain's sarcastic background commentary, she gains a bit of popularity. Not a lot, but some. They're kind of underrated but at the same time have a fairly large fanbase. Maybe 26.3k subscribers. Most of the people that watch their videos don't subscribe. It'd be a sort of group channel with Sain, Sora, and Aster all working together. Sora would probably do arts & crafty stuff, while Sain would have a sort of running commentary from listening to what her friends are saying. (She can't really watch, since she's blind, but she's also one of the most amusing parts of the videos.)

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Masu Sugita
Channel Name: Let’s Fool Around!
Channel Content: Despite the name implying something lighthearted, Masu’s content delves into something more malicious, probably giving rise to a bunch of conspiracies surrounding her channel. She’d have no intro, just straight into the action, recording her ‘daily adventures’ in the city. Being a boss of a gang, you can imagine how those daily adventures would tip into the darker pits of the Internet. Some even claim to have her unedited videos, whether that’s true or not remains to be found out. Her videos contain a bit of editing, such as when introducing new ‘characters’ in her daily adventures (characters referencing her friends, etc). Her channel eventually stops uploading after the loss of her eyesight, though.
Subscriber Count: Probably about 800k.
Popularity: Known primarily for the many conspiracies surrounding her channel (clickbait videos titled ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT LFA THAT THEY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT’) including one of the more realistic theories of her bribery to keep certain videos up. Criticized for malicious behaviour in her videos, be it done by Masu or any of her friends. Develops a loyal fanbase, even after her channel’s ‘death’ they continue to defend Masu to the end. Some even defend her a bit too closely… Was known to not interact with fans very much except for responding with extremely clever nasty comebacks to hate comments.

Giichi Yazawa
Channel Name: Masu Stalker Fan
Channel Content: On the rare occasion he uploads, it’s a video of Masu, often taken when the latter is unaware, going about her daily life. Livestreams often, doesn’t save the streams. Takes challenges from fans for money. Has created a persona surrounding his channel that he’s a person absolutely obsessed with Masu, if this is true or not is unknown. Has never completely revealed his face on camera. Occasionally, Masu chases after him in the videos. “I WAS CHASED BY MASU (LET’S FOOL AROUND)”. Is the type of person to put unrelated hashtags in his description.
Sub count: 50k.
Popularity: Rising, especially after LFA’s ‘death.’ He continues to upload. Most people can’t tell if he’s joking or serious in his videos. A good portion of his fame came from his voice, which he can go from being lighthearted, sing-song to intimidating within seconds. A few conspiracies around this guy too. Interacts more with fans (online) going as far to namesearch himself and find fanfictions, in which he reads (every last word) and compliments the writing, no matter what.

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Jabun: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)
Jilden: ImJayStation
Vant: NikocadoAvacado without the food
Yizmu Emily Boo
Norvi: Pain Rankers
Tael: Jimmy Here but only uploads the mislabeling cosplayers videos
Basically Tatl's entire bloodline: This Esme

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Jesse Prince
Channel name: Jesse Does Life
What he would do: Vlogs, challenges, gaming, reaction videos
Subscribers: 7 million
Popular?: Sure!

Delphinia Armalon
Channel name: delphinia!
What she would do: Hauls, tutorials, GRWMs, singing
Subscribers: 879k
Popular?: To some extent

Channel name: ya boi hex
What he would do: Storytimes, clickbait, prank videos, annoying his friends
Subscribers: 8.5 million
Popular?: Yeah!

Gracelyn Prince
Channel name: Gracelyn Prince
What she would do: Video essays, movie & TV reviews, vlogs
Subscribers: 700k
Popular?: You could say