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Im running out of ideas and I've just started

Eric: Asshole Ferret. Long and snooty and definitely eats fabrics for fun. Pisses on EVERYTHING even though he's completely desexed. Hides under the fridge and bites your fingers when you try to fish him out cause he's bored. He disappears for an indiscriminate amount of time and returns with like 7 STDs and conjunctivitis.

Colton: Whorish street cat. Has slept with every cat in the neighbourhood and is yet to be stopped. He's mean but not in like an aggressive way, in like a spiritual way. Someone rescued him off the street and now he lives the life of an indoor cat and though he misses his sluttish antics, he's slowly warming to the idea of some random guy providing his livelihood. Acts cute and then attacks you cause he's a piece of shit. probably has super rabies.

Shane: One of those fancy long-haired cats that will scream at you for attention but will hiss and scratch if you even dare so touch them. Brings you gifts of mice but the mice are alive and it's not a gift cause he's an asshole. Probably nice to like, one guy, who probably just smokes weed and eats zebra cakes. Flips his food bowl for fun

Memphis: 100% a golden retriever. Probably has an Instagram account where his owners post photos of him digging in the sand or something. The definition of "mans best friend". Very friendly in sorta goofy quirky way. Just your average dog, likes to be pet and fussed over. Lives a fully happy life too, something he's not used to doing in any other circumstance! <3

Craig: You know thoughts tiktoks of the horses who like foster orphaned foals? Yeah, he's one of those. Looks after little babies till they grow up and go on their own path. Probably cries when they leave :( . Definitely one of those horses that just sticks his ENTIRE HEAD through the lounge room window and screams so loud Helen Kellers lying ass can hear it from hell.

Jay: Definitely a show dog but like in the worst way. Has no pizazz or grace, he was just the only dog that would jump through the fire ring. Has absolutely no regard for his safety, has been set on fire at least 6 times. He's a bright orange pomeranian and his brain is the size of a small pea. His eyes look in two different directions but that's okay <3

Jack: Lop-eared bunny rabbit. Came from a neglectful home so he's really shy at first but he warms up really quick. Spends most of his time sleeping and chewing through anything wooden he can find; his obsession with wood is slightly concerning. Hides from people and prefers to play alone, but overall friendly and well-behaved. 10/10

Markus: HE'S ONE OF THOSE HAMSTERS THAT LOOK REALLY DISMAYED- Like the ones that look at you with the mouth open and head set back in shock and slight offence. Stuffs way more in his cheeks than he can handle and then requires assistance to remove it. Plays dead and then suddenly comes back to life halfway through your mourning process. Screams when he's restless (he just wants to feel something)

Dennis: He's a Mutt. A stupid one too. Eats everything he can get his grubby little paws on and then runs head first into a closed sliding door. The kinda dog that gets his head stuck in the railings of the stairs and just sit there a bark till someone comes and fixes it for him. He's really sweet though, loves to cuddle and is great with all kinds of people. He eats a battery and dies young though so none of that really matters anyway :/


Naomi: Former military working dog; think Brutus from "Pixie and Brutus." Tripawd, obviously. Barks and growls at anyone to whom she's not accustomed unless she decides that they remind her of her deceased handler, in which case she's suddenly a total entire-body-wagging sweetheart. (I also debated her being a battle-scarred tripawd alley cat.)

CJ: Ginger tomcat whom some sailor brought back from deployment; later certified as a therapy cat. Except he's still a total kittyhole who knocks things over.

Brandee: Designer kitten inexplicably found in a junkyard. What Lillian Jackson Braun would have called a "fluppie." (I also considered hill myna.)

Kieron: Huge, intimidating molosser-type dog. At very least CDX certified. Gentle enough to be trusted with baby bunnies.

Talula: Tame serval, with all that implies.

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Crispin: I see him being something like a pitbull or a doberman. Something that looks really scary and mean, but isn't really. Won't attack anyone unless he's actually threatened, but barks at everything.

Matthew: Matthew is some kind of cat that wants nothing to do with anyone. Might rub himself up against your leg if your lucky. Has like a thousand health issues, but refuses to let anyone come near him with a pill.

Ara: Ara is your typical a-hole cat. Wants nothing to do with you. Pushes things off of ledges just because. Will bite anyone who tries to pet him. Hides under the couch whenever you have people over.

Andor: Andor is a lab, or something that is just super social and loves people. Will go and get the ball you just threw, but good luck getting it back. Constantly begging for food.

Taven: I'm kind of picturing Taven to be something kind of like my family's Bernedoodle. No thoughts; head empty. Falls for the fake ball throw every time. Buries bones in the garden and forgets about them. Barks at the door when someone rings the bell on tv. Takes up all the room on the couch.

Garzlan: Garzlan is a golden retriever that's just super happy all the time. Always get super excited when his owner comes home. Loves to cuddle. Definitely some kind of therapy dog.

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Robert: He would be your loveable sheep dog that likes to chill rather than play but will ferociously protect you and your entire household at the risk of his own life.

Sidney: He is definitely a cat that doesn't give a crap. He's very quiet so he scares the mess out of you when he brushes against your legs. Also, he doesn't do cuddles. He'll just come and stand underneath you or beside you and stare unblinking while you do stuff.

Charles: Would be a mixed dog that has too much energy. He's kept outside because he likes to chew the furniture.

Annabeth: Is your cuddling, beautiful tabby cat that brings you "gifts" to show how much she loves you.

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Alexi: Would be an intimidating dog, probably an Estrela Mountain Dog. Doesn't bark very often but when he does, it is Loud
Elliot: He'd probably be a dove or pigeon. Very shy and cautious around people at first, but once he's comfortable, he won't hesitate to perch on your head
Thala: Smug stray cat that decided to move into your backyard and refused to leave. Will occasionally bring presents varying from dead rodents to wads of cash
Theo: The prettiest Samoyed you've ever seen. Always tries to sit on your lap/on your chest despite the fact that his fur is near suffocating and you are clearly struggling under his weight
Mito: He's the kind of black cat with a death stare that looks like an ominous blob of fur more often than not. Will meow constantly at all hours for no apparent reason
Aster: A weird lizard your friend gifted to you on your birthday. He always escapes his enclosure, and you will usually end up finding him on a kitchen counter or in the sink
Touil: A quiet, docile ragdoll cat. Usually quite calm, but if provoked, they will hold grudges and it shows.


Max: An American'curl cat, came from a tragic backstory where the owner kicked her ass all the time,got out and now roams the streets. Maybe found a smoll kitten then fourth protecting the hell out of it as in you breath like five feet away from it and she makes your face confettie (if you don't know the smoll kitten is robin XD)
Robin:like a fuckin rat looking kitten with like wet muddy fur and tiny meows, but also like maxy cat protects her so she's chill,will stick herneedle claws into your arm if you try to touch.
tyler: is the definition of GOLDEN FUCKING RETRIEVER, he is a ball of complete sunshine, imagine the dog who at three in the morning licks you awake then wakes the whole house up by prancing and barking around your feet, he's like the pet to literally never loose energy,if he gets out he doesn't come back for days XD.
Chase: i would say he's a rat but imma show sympathy for chax/mase he reminds me of an abused like doberman pincher i think i misspelled that ,he's the dog a wealthy single man who smells of alchohole and weed and expensive cheese lmao, he's an outside dog with like a chain colour and a craving for children blood XD

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andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer): an asshole brown cat that doesn’t let anyone touch him. hangs out in graveyards for some reason and only lets canarie or rin get close. the type of cat that brings dead animals as gifts
Canarie: a good and cute brown cat that likes to sit on people’s laps! really calm and doesn’t flinch at all. insane amount of patience, is terrifyingly good at hunting rats and snakes
Leo: a fat birb. not sure what species. just a fat blob of a birb that will happily sit on your head if he feels comfortable enough.
Rin: a bunny! would constantly annoy the asshole brown cat simply by hopping around. the other cat (canarie) likes her.
Jackie: a big hound dog. would appreciate the pets and doesn’t seek them out. since he could be a herding dog, his job is to make sure a certain someone (see blow) doesn’t run around and cause trouble
Iris: she would probably be a really stubborn fluffy goat. bites people whenever she can and bumps into others intentionally

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Leo: I can imagine him being, like, a common black and white indoor cat that wouldn't bug you for food and just chill in a box on most days.
Ghost: I see him as, like, the big German Shepard that would try to act like Leo (since they are twin siblings and Ghost is very protective over Leo)

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I have animal head cannons for them all but we are going with average house hold pets-
(I got rid of the already animals)

Main Characters
Milaka: Multi Colored, friendly Mainecoon
Levi: Quiet, rabbit
Abree: loud husky
Lisha: silent and over it mouse

Topiary Manor Members(First made to Last)
Knizo: Shetland Sheepdog that can't show face because of floof
Cimma: Curios snow white, American Shorthair cat
Angi: Large Cockatiel
Kirpa: Quiet Akita
Kamau: Quiet and serious Belgian Sheepdog
Aurora: Happy go lucky Siamese cat
Umbra: Scottish Fold Cat
Alba: anti social Russian blue

Reisu(Oldest to the family to the newest)
Loki: Mad Norwegian Cat
Adelaide: Sweet Ragdoll cat
Kai: Bearded dragon
Kali: Mean American Eskimo dog
Liau: Loud but timid Black Russian Terrier
Aaoka: Large but sweet Doberman
Zec: Scared Greyhound
Prida: Small Birman cat
Mi: angry and devil Chihuahua

Fieldings(A bunch of kids)
Pop: Loud small Mainecoon kitten
Lemon: Quiet but loving Tonkinese cat
Moche: Smoll Ragamuffin cat
Cacao: Loud Japanese Bobtail cat
Honey: cute and screeching Selkirk Rex cat

Extra Characters
Lily: Caring Golden Retriever


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the definition of average household pet is irrelevant here

Anjanii: a goat. screaming and headbutting people in the balls. an all around goofy goober.
Daitan: a huge, hulking doberman. tough and grouchy looking.
Komé: the teeniest, weeniest shrew. hard to hold because he’s physically delicate and incredibly anxious.
Michiya: a hyacinth macaw. bright blue, energetic, and does a lot of nipping and chewing (as a stim).
Shiina: a chestnut-spotted genet. not cuddly, but agile and sneaky. oh, and she DOES NOT get along with others.