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Here's my characters!

Annabeth: sucks in sharp breath and holds toe "… ow…"

Robert: pauses with a grimace before moving on

Sidney: doesn't feel it (has prosthetic leg); no reaction

Charles: "GAH!" grabs foot and falls over

Felicity: refuses to show she's in pain and moves on

James: "Oww!"

Lily: resists the urge to cry



Right now I'll only do my favorites lol

Alex: curses up a storm and proceeds to leave the room
Zander: stands still for a moment screaming internally 'Don't cry don't cry don't cry oh my God don't cry

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Max: Stands there for a minute, holding his foot and making that "face"
Bryce: Gives a little yelp and hops around on one foot
Lexie: Overly dramatic; makes noises like she's resisting the urge to curse, but is really just saying "Crap, crap, crap!" over and over in her head
Vikki: Grimaces briefly before moving on with a brave face
Renee: Doesn't feel it; no reaction


Irena: takes in a sharp breath, then moves on.
Beatrice: mutters a curse word and moves on.
Charlotte: moves on, trying not to cry.
Ben: winces and stands there for a second, then moves on.
Leo: curses like a sailor and hops around on one foot.


Lol your characters sound fun!

Thank you lol it could have sounded better but I was super tired


There's so many I could use but I'm just gonna do the three siblings I like

Ryder: Placed the table so he knows it's there, doesn't run into it
Henry: Not only runs into the table but trips completely over it, nearly breaking his nose as he faceplants onto the floor "…ow"
Fiona: Immediately grabs her foot, hopping around and spewing curses like a sailor


Naomi: Only has one set of toes to stub (other foot is prosthetic). Mutters a dirty word under her breath.
CJ: "Ow!" Promptly bandages it if any damage is done.
Brandee: Yelps.
Kieron: Incongruous tiny hiss. If he's in the middle of something he deems important: may end up tracking blood on the floor, then being more concerned about that than about the injury.
Talula: Makes a face, but bites back any vocalization; treats any visible injury.

@trainwreck404 group

Simon: long string of curse words that definitely don't make grammatical sense when put together
CJ: "Ow, what in the hell?"
Logan: winces and keeps going
Dean: "F U C K."
Henry: "SWEET baby Jesus!"