forum Your character(s) are released into the real (our) world.
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What is the first thing they do, how do they react?

if your character is from the real world, they’re put into a fantastical world of your choice, some random fantasy world or maybe one of your own worlds?

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These idiots getting released into the wilds of Michigan, have fun.

Hyde: Goes up to the first man he sees and just screams "AWOOGA!!!"
Jekyll: Attempts to coax Hyde into being fucking normal for once and doesn't succeed.
Dorian: Is surprised and delighted that weed is legal here. Gets massively fucking high.
Viktoria: Starts raiding graveyards.
Luci: Probably dies idk.
Clerval: Does a barrel roll (like Google)

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Amy: Starts recording everything in a journal, while trying to find a way home
Clay: Freaks out
Lotus: Sighs
Ash: Accidentally destroys the government while trying to learn how to play Tetris
Jamie: Causes the next ice age
Percy: Probably commits self-die
Charlie: Goes cave exploring

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I have way too many characters to do this for but I was hit with two right off the bat:

  • Sal gets banned on Twitter for tweeting "kys" at a conservative pundit
  • Victor gets sent to my sci-fi world (since his world is more or less just ours) and discovers his Gift is reanimation, tries to reanimate a corpse with it, and then sees the blood coming out of his nose (the telltale sign of a Gift being used) and fucking passes out on the spot

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Thala: Keeps on getting asked what character he's cosplaying and has no idea what cosplay is
Theo: Nearly gets hit by a car, gets excited by dispensable soap and other mechanized conveniences
Elliot: Tries not to freak out, picks the dandelions he finds in the sidewalk cracks
Alexi: Also nearly gets hit by a car, gets in a dance-off with some street performers
Auran: Kind of wanders, nearly gets mugged and decks the would-be mugger immediately
Aster: Pawns off some of his jewelry and buys food to share with the others
Willow: Winds up in the local park, adopts a stray cat
Mito: Not very fazed, sits down and plays his instruments to earn tips
Touil: Looks for the others, manages to find Alexi and Aster


Aera: Panics and runs away. Probably becomes a thief out of food necessity - or a forager.
Esta: Actually stays calm long enough to ask where she is, and panics even more when she's answered. Tries to find out if anyone else is here. Eventually gets to a library and spends way too long reading the books.
Rin: Asks where she is, then starts writing absolutely everything down whilst trying to figure out what's going on.
Lea: Becomes a superhero.