forum Your character just found out they were betrayed by their significant other. What do they do?
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Put as many characters as you want with as much detail as you want. Also, feel free to comment/critique other character's reactions. BUT keep the comments constructive!

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I love this idea! It creates a good opportunity to get your characters super emotional. Me like.

In the situation that Minjun betrays Hikari:

  • Hikari would be absolutely pissed off at first. She would probably scream at him for being so disloyal. Depending on the magnitude of the betrayal, she would likely not speak to him for a couple of days. It would take her a really long time to come around, and she may not do that either. Hikari doesn't like being toyed with. Having her emotions played with is asking for a whirlwind of anger and passive behavior.
  • Minjun would take it, especially if he knew it was his fault and completely on purpose. Even if Hikari was to forgive him, he would beat himself up for days afterwards. He may even fall into a slump, not showing up for work, perhaps going on a bender. Needless to say, he would not be doing swell and would regret ever taking advantage of her.

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Charlotte: was betrayed by Zayn, and tho I haven’t written it yet, seeing as they’d been kidnapped for almost three months at this point she didn’t take it well. What she didn’t know was Zayn hadn’t originally planned to actually join Obsidian Eclipse, he was just going to so he could hopefully free the others. Their captor wasn’t stupid tho, so she wiped his memory and convinced him he should actually join. I imagine Charlotte ‘screaming’ (she’s mute) at him to the point her throat was raw. He’s put in control of the team’s cells so watching him walk around in front of all of her friends as the leader doesn’t exantly make the girl calm.

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Kraio and his sister are trying to overthrow a corrupt queen/regent. The Regent (Straivia) had one of her spies/courtesans (Etella) get close to Kraio and seduce him so that she could get an inside look into their operation. Etella spent their entire relationship spying and reporting on him. She expected him to be callous or a brat. She never expected to fall in love with him. To Kraio, Etella was the first relationship he hall had that lasted more than a few months, she was interesting and kind and brave in her own way.

So when his sister found Etella’s letters to Straivia, letters that shared all of their troop movements, their plans and allies, letters that led the deaths of countless allies, a part of him died. Immediately, he wanted to kill Etella. But his sister convinced him to pretend that he didn’t know. That way they could feed false information to Straivia.

Emotionally trapped, Kraio storms out of the command tent and goes to Etella’s tent. He tries to pretend that he loves her and acts like he usually does. But as he looks at her his love turns to hatred, and his revenge is lying to her. He comes to the realization that as their relationship was a lie from the start, he will make her love him so deeply that when the veil is finally torn, it will be so painful it’s as if he will have stabbed her in the soul. He plans to destroy her.


I think I'll just take this from the perspective of Esa as it's too late to be thinking about this many responses.
Esa lives day to day with the guilt that she contributed to the exile of her own best friend and his family. Fast forward when she's now responsible for that friend's son, the guilt of betraying one, especially a loved one is inescapable. To have the opposite done to her must elicit so many feelings but one may be of deserving. Perhaps she'll never be able to form as strong as a relationship as she had with George. Perhaps her own selfishness that day was the nail in the coffin and everything leading up to now was inevitably going to end in her own punishment. In short, I don't think her first response (or any response down the line) is to attack back and derive some justice in doing it, but she would internalize it and revert to the immense pain she felt the last time she could call anyone a friend.

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(oh this'll be fun)
So Dick and Juniper already have a wonky relationship, since Juniper only realized Dick liked him when he was being brainwashed by another dude, so if that brainwashing came back after they were together and Dick betrayed him, Juniper would be devastated, but because he's a master of hiding his emotions, he'd just look generally upset. He'd keep a cool head and do his best to get Dick back on the right side.
If the opposite were true, Dick would be pulling Disney prince rescue mission shit, manifesting a sword and shield and fighting hard to get his boyfriend back.


TW: S/H, Smoking, EDs

Lena would cut them off quicker than you could say betrayal.

Crystal would smoke her heartbreak away and then pretend nothing happened.

Joseph would argue like his life depended on it and then puke to deal with the pain.

Josey would betray them back for revenge and then laugh about it.

Kate would kill the fucker.

Ollie would act unbothered by it and then sob and cut when they left him alone.

Nile would talk it out civilly before taking any drastic actions or emotional responses.

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Your character just found out they were betrayed by their significant other

That's it. That's my NaNoWriMo project.

Seriously though, the inciting incident is betrayal by my main character's boyfriend, but in an attempt to go after him to give him (the ex-boyfriend) a piece of his (my main character's) mind… they, uh, fall into a government conspiracy coup-invasion-and-civil-war situation. As you do.

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I did this before with my other characters but I wanted to do it with my new ones!
TW for s*icide
Simon would break down immediately, especially if all three of their partners betrayed them. They would be out of it for a while and try to save them, but they'd probably end up getting captured instead.
CJ would not break down and would try to ignore the bad feelings in an attempt to successfully save their partners. Of course, since they were betrayed, they don't have a 100% chance of being able to save them, but they would still try.
Logan's mental stability is non-existent, so while he doesn't currently have a significant other, if he did, he would be extremely attached, so if they betrayed him, he'd most likely kill himself unless Simon or CJ was able to talk him down. He's already had enough betray in his relationships.

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Jazzy would be confused considering her SO is "dead"
Devin would be surprised considering his wife is barley around
i don't know anything about my others MC's SO's

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Ship: Adelaide & Loki
Status: Married

-He be confused first
-He'd see Adelaide with Abree, Milaka, levi & Lisha
-He'd be livid!
-Tears fall down his face
-'You Will die' He said
-He'd be sad to move
-When he finally did it's when she moved near him
-He'd cut off her head but make it painless
-'Goodnight, sleep peacefully my love..'

(It's impossible. She respects him and follows him wherever he goes.
Let's say he died.

-She'd start crying immediately.
-Her body would already be reacting but her mind would be confused because she hasn't registered it yet.
-'Loki dear. Wake up. It's to late to be sleeping.'
-When she walks up to him he isn't breathing
-She looks around and see's his Reisu
-'A-apologies Adelaide Ma'am… I tried to help… I will help you get through this.
-Then she would realize.
-She'd let all the tears fall and she'd scream out.
-New leader of the Reisus
-Instead of being the sweet kind mother-like figure she is
-She'd be cold and rude

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  • Blade would kill him immediately
  • Tiger would also kill him immediately
  • Marigold would be very angry, pretend to leave him, then poison him in his sleep
  • Bracken would run away then burn his house down

So most of these end in death…


SOO That's sort of what my book IS about in a weird way? But they weren't dating they were in this weird talkig stage and its obvious they both like each other but one didnt want to admit it and anyway-

So Hector gets kidnapped by his friend/ love intrest. Is mad at first and tries to run but then ends up trusting him again -_-
Kenzo ( the guy who kidnaped him) could never betrayed. Like he says stuff like "You can hate me all you want but I'll never stop "caring about you""


SkullFace: (doesn't actually have a significant other made for him yet, but let's just pretend for the sake of this) …how could you…i let my guard down for you, i opened up to you, and this is what i get in return…you know what? Fine. I hope you're happy now…because I'm taking a vow, to never let my guard down to any cat, ever again.