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You know those overly long light novel titles that describe the premise of the book, well let's see how to your plot would have one. I'll go first.

Soul Fragment: That time I died, resurrected, got a mysterious amulet, got tasked to exterminate ghosts, and acquired a harem of my estranged childhood friends

No Strings Attracted: My Red String Led Me To Stumble Into A Love Battle Royal

Flag Restart: Purgatory is a Gal Game!?: The Story on How Lighting and My Otaku Boyfriend Led Me To Be Reincarnated as an Okama Character and Ordered To Romance The Protagonist By An Angel.

Gutter Rats: The Government Is Making Me Stop The Alpocalypse! My Train Ride Ended With Me As Homunculus With No Rights And with a Harem

Nightmare Triangle: The Ways To Escape A Vengeful Ghost With Your Enemies