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WIBTA if I "kidnapped" my friend for his protection?

For context I (21M) met this guy (20M) Lets call him H. I saw him working at a cafe a while back but actually met him at a hospital that I volunteer at after he was attacked. When he was realeased he would ask for my help, like bringing him breakfast. We even went out for lunch one time. The thing is he met my half-sister (19F) lets call her S, when he was attacked, she was the one who called the police. Small world right? But she is a really dangerous person and has a history of stalking and to sum it up he shouldnt be around her. Well one day his apartment got broken into and he asked to stay with me which I let him. Well S started coming over to my house and we thought it would be the best idea to go to a cabin to get away from S. Everything was going great, we would have picnics and just spend all the time together. But then he started talking about going back to the city. I didnt want him to feel trapped so I took him to see a play but then he convinced me to go back to my house and then later on conviced me to let him go back to his apartment cause we kept getting into arguments.
But S is still out there and I dont trust her enough to leave H alone so I did what I had to protect him. So I 'kidnapped' him and had him stay in my basement then we went back to the cabin eventually.
But I was only doing what he wanted me to. When we were at the cabin he would hug me asking me not to leave me. He knows that I love him too, and everything ive done was always for him. So i dont think i did anything wrong because I just wanted to keep him safe, and he also liked spending time with me.

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AITA for hiding things from my kids?

I (39 M) have been struggling to keep some stuff from my sons (18M) and (16M), in all honesty they have both been always onto me because I tend to keep things from them, especially the youngest one. I'll give you some context beforehand.

He’s adopted. I found him in very bad shape on a snowy mountain. His eye was missing and the poor boy was just bleeding out on the snow so I took him home. At first I tried to search for his parents, but no one seemed to have lost a kid around town. I tried to ask him if he knew anything about them, but he didn’t speak my mother tongue (spanish), after dusting off my brain I realized he just spoke fluent latin. Don’t ask me where a 9 year old would learn that, as far as I know latin is no longer in use. Months passed and I just took him under my wing, at first it all seemed fine. Conversation was difficult and his missing eye was a whole other can of worms I won’t talk about, when suddenly he starts getting nightmares, like horrifying ones that would make him scream like he was being tortured, his nightmares occured almost every night to the point were it was making him not want to sleep. I took him to many doctors but none of them worked, some just told me I should sedate him everynight before bed. I did end up buying some sedatives, just in case, still the idea itself made me nauseous, and we have only ever used them when he consents to it. The worst part is he can never tell me what his nightmares are about, even at 16 he still can’t talk about it. This past year he’s been asking often about the night I found him, I must confess since the events of that night I have collected pieces of information that created a complete picture of what happened, and why he was in the mountain in the first place. I’m scared telling him about it will create more negative effects in him. He keeps asking why I was in the mountain in the middle of the night, if I had taken him to another place before arriving home, etc… I know he just wants to know about his past, but Im scared telling him about it will end his childhood to early, will just make him want to get away from me, or might make his nightmares worse.

I know this post is already long enough but I think it be kind of mean to ask for help with my youngest but not my oldest. He is my bio son, I had him when I was really young with my now deceased wife. After my wifes death, I was having a rough time and he was honestly one of the few things that kept me going, I must admit though, because of my job I did not spend a lot of quality time with him. My maid used to scold me, because he would rush out of bed after a nightmare and I would not be there. After finding out about that, I sought to spend more time with him, but the damage was already done and he no longer looked for me when he had problems or was going through tough times. I tried to mend it, but when I found his younger brother, I found myself with no extra time to spend with him. I was scared that his brothers special needs would create some sort of rivalry between them, but he didn't seem to care, despite language barriers they were cabable of developing a good relationship.

Last week I took a very bad shot in my work and came back home bleeding, I had been keeeping my occupation a secret, but after I passed out from blood loss in my front door, right in front of my two sons, the cat was out of the bag. Things have been tense at home ever since, my youngest tries to keep it natural, but my oldest keeps looking at me like he's dissapointed. He has blonde hair and pale skin like me, but he inherited his mothers eye condition and he has very red eyes that are highly sensitive to light. I have never told him about his mother, she died in an awful accident when he was little, and I have never cared to give him details, the story itself its quite gruesome and does not paint my wife in the nicest light. I loved my wife, and I sometimes catch myself almost saying her name when talking to him, it's not only that he looks like her, it's his mannerisms and even some of his ideas, my wife tended to be quite obsessive over some topics and tended overwork herself constantly in the pursue of her goals. My oldest has the exact same one-track mind as her, im deeply scared they will share the same fate, but at the same time I can't tell myself they are the same person. My wife used to be loud and blunt, people would kick her out of places because they her thougt she was mad. My son is blunt as well, but he is also quite akward and shy, I've been catching him often escaping home when we host parties, and he just seems incredibly insecure in public spaces, only when he sinks into his obsessive behaviour does he seem to gain confidence. I let him be like that for a time, thinking his low self-esteem would act as a safety measure. But a few years ago something quite horrifying happened, he escaped from home during a monster invasion, believeing he could do something about it. I tried looking for him the second I realized he went missing, but a terrible fire broke-out at noon in the forest. For the next few days I could only look for him in the surroundings, but I somehow knew my son was in that forest. A few days later he came back, he was covered in ash and blood, and I was both terrified and relieved I had found him. He seemed to have held no injuries, and he had a smile that could have melted even the iciest of hearts, while relieved, I could no longer ignore what could await my son, that day, he looked more like his mother than anyother day.

I know he's mad at me for keeping secrets from him, especially something every child should know, but he has drifted away from me, I dont know how I will be capable of protecting him. I feel like I can still save my relationship with my youngest, but I have no idea what to do with my oldest. I dont think telling him about his mother now will help me. I think I failed him, and im just writing this to either seek out support or actual help. Sorry for the long post, and any typos, english is not my first language.