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alright here we go
simple enough, i give some prompts and you choose a few or more to write about


  • Your characters at a public pool
  • Your chaacters at a drive in cinema
  • Your characters in holding (jail)
  • Your characters in a shitty horror movie
  • Your characters in a storm

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  • Your characters in a storm

Kumi likes rains, but she doesn't enjoy storms. She's terrified about thunderstorms for traumatic stuff that happened in the past, so she probably will stay home the whole day being a scared cat with a blanket. If the storm is too loud she will get really scared and have some problems (maybe she will cry in silent or have a panic attack), she feels safer when someone is around (mostly her closests friends and/or her partner, Maxine). Kumi would not be able to sleep at all but her partner helps her to calm down a little or she stays with Kumi awake the whole night.

Maxine is not easily scared so she will watch the storm sometimes and take some pics to show her girlfriend, Kumi. She will stay 20% of the storm doing her normal life, chores, shopping, playing, cooking and the other 80% is spending the day with her partner. Maxine would make some popcorn and put on a movie, a Studio Ghibli (Kumi's favorite).

@sheabutter group

  • Your characters in holding (jail)

Most of my characters have been in jail, so this is easy!
Lybra: Sarcastic and witty towards the police officers, paces the whole time until he's inevitably broken out
Ali: Takes a single quip at the guards and then spends the rest of the time breaking out. It takes him two minutes.
Elidi: Only mildly freaking out, seeing as it's her first time in jail. Spends her time calming herself down and talking to herself and her crewmates.
Maggie: Tries desperately to hide all the shiny things he found in the police station on the way in. Ali's moral support as he breaks them out
Robin: Stares at the police officers until they get so uncomfortable they leave her alone.

  • Your characters in a shitty horror movie

Lybra: The Chad. Unfortunately dies first by his own knife.
Ali: One of two to last until the end because he can actually run fast and climb from the killer
Elidi: The other one to make it to the end. Not really sure how, she just makes it. Asks too many questions about what's happening.
Maggie: The last to die, sacrificing himself so Elidi can escape. Screams super loudly
Robin: The killer