forum Would your characters get jury duty?
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Pretty self-explanatory. You can choose to explain, but I think it’s more entertaining if you do
I’ll start

Lila- No. She dresses too edgy and would do everything she could to get out of it
Sam- Lol no. She’s too chaotic and wouldn’t make it past the first round. Wants to get it tho
Oliver-Yes. He’s gotten it twice. He’s really really busy (he’s a superhero for context) and yet he’s so trustworthy that he always gets it. Villains like to take advantage of this
Drew-If their hair was dyed a natural color at the time, probably. They’d at least make it pretty far in the decision process. They have a naturally reassuring and no-nonsense demeanor

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Have the Orange Juice Club.

Daniella: Has been at least twice. She hates it but is always thought of as suitable.
Nathaniel: Only once. He thought it was very interesting and felt guilty because he got distracted in philosophical musings instead of listening.
Evelyn: She was rejected after cussing out people for taking too long.
Ian: Has been waiting for summons and can’t decide if he would want to get out of it.
Eos: Hasn’t been chosen, and doesn’t want to. He’s sure he would feel very uncomfortable.
Lizzy: Summons came a few weeks ago. She will likely just go along with whoever seems the nicest and sure of themselves.

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(What is jury duty and how does it work?)

I'm not the best at explaining but basically in certain (I know in America it's done like this) judicial scenarios, there's a panel of usually like 6 or 12 people who sit in on the trial and decide, like, is the person guilty or not. if you are a resident of certain countries and 18 years or older, you'll get a message with a summons being like "come to this building so we can see if you're good for jury duty or not." you'll get interviewed by a bunch of people, and if you seem like a good judge of stuff (each lawyer/court official has a different preference towards who they'd want in their courtroom) you get picked to sit on the trial. every member of the jury must agree in the end of the trial on the verdict unanimously, or you get stuck and have to get a whole new jury and do the trial again. it's a drag, and doesn't happen often.

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this is the general friend group of characters from my story. I'm assuming you mean, like, would they be chosen after the whole screening.

Selene: probably not. she doesn't easily let go of her opinions, and would be biased towards whoever makes a good impression on her first. she also doesn't like intense situations, so she'd probably find a way to get out of it.
Simon: he desperately wants to get it, but also no. he's too aggressive and confident, he wouldn't question his decisions, but would beat himself up if he made the wrong one nonetheless.
Eli: yeah. he's very chill, very fair, and is good at reading into things. he also has a very nice way about him, he's just instantly trustworthy.
Darra: also probably yes. she's very good natured and likes to try and think of every possible outcome.
Felicity: most likely not, I don't have too good of a grasp on her character yet, but she's sort of a valley girl and sort of flirty in ever scenario so I don't know how much the lawyers would like her.
Raj: I think he wouldn't, because he's so incredibly awkward but he's also really nice, so even if he got picked he would try everything to get out of it.